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Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor - Floyd Griswould

By Floyd Griswould

March 13, 2019

Dear Editor,

Well Priscilla Waggoner not sure where to write this letter to the Editor but here goes.

Read your story about the railroad coming to Kiowa Co. This pleases me to no ends. I grew up playing along that railroad. Have many good memories and a few very bad. My parents traveled to Arlington with three little kids and a dream on a flat car loaded with all their worldly goods up on that R.R. line. My dad had loaded his wagon, a couple of horses, a model T Ford, a cow or two, a saddle, harness, and bridles. I think Mom's Victrola was there that daddy got her for her birthday. A couple of chairs that didn't match with a table, kitchen cabinet, couple of iron beds, and I'm not sure what else. There was a unloading dock at Arlington that they unloaded whatever from train cars onto. Also, a stockyards for livestock. In fact, Arlington shipped more cattle than any point between Pueblo and Kansas City. I have a picture of a Rodeo at the Arlington stockyards. You see Arlington was a pretty large town at one point. It had a hotel, grocery stores, gas stations, hardware, blacksmith, three room school house, boarding houses, plus things I can't even remember. The train stopped for passengers and mail. A passenger train ran each direction. Freight trains ran as needed. Later on, Troop Trains ran mostly east. Probably both directions but I got to watch them come down that deadly hill from the west going east hours at a time. They were loaded with waving soldiers in passenger cars with trucks, tanks, cannons, halftracks, and Jeeps. I'm sure their tents were there also. I'm sure everything was on those trains to win a war.

My dad helped maintain that track that ran two ribbons of steel across Kiowa County from Towner to Kilbern. We lived near Kilbern to the west. Kilbern has side tracks where trains can pass for whatever reason in route to Pueblo or Kansas City.

Floyd Griswould

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