Letter to the Editor: Jeff Campbell

By Jeff Campbell

August 12, 2020

Proportional Response, by law enforcement does not include intimidation or retaliation. The job is to protect and serve ALL persons within their jurisdiction.

Rural departments are so limited, much time is in reactive responses. Brandon, Towner or Arlington don’t deserve more or less service or patrolling. However, Eads is where they have proportional population and fiscal obligations [check it out] to patrol, protect, serve.

Proportional responses by cops have many facets, like if a call for service is 2 or 45 miles away or the level of force necessary to control a situation. 90% (or more) of police responses aren’t emergencies. They require no force, only presence of mind. Many calls are for assistance. Use of force comes in an instant reaction to violent aggression. In any scenario cops must prepare for the unexpected knife or pistol drawn from a waistband, but tempered against someone just reaching for a wallet or stumbling on uneven ground.

Of the most instinctual responses, is to run or shrink from force and pain. Courageous cops, firemen and EMTs must override instinct, substituting judgment as situations dictate and run toward danger or the sound of gunfire. In this, constant training is paramount. So far, I haven’t heard of bravery, aggression or necessity components in the killing of Zack.

It is inspiring that multiple lifelong citizens, men and women of this county, veterans, elders, alumni from EHS, that they appreciate these letters, keeping Zach’s death, his life, his homicide in the public eye.

What is a sin against our citizens, is our neighbors aren’t speaking up because they live in FEAR of intimidation and retaliation. [The fearful are several.] No one in this county should live in FEAR for speaking their mind and fairly criticising those persons or institutions of local power.

Peace Officer. Sheriff comes from words meaning the “Chief’” (primary) conservator of the Peace. In states, especially in counties they have an awesome charge as the primary enforcer of laws, a protector of the peace and constituents from fear of the unlawful. Deputy Sheriffs share that awesome responsibility to protect the vulnerable in all their God-given and Constitutional Rights. As a uniformed Deputy, I took it to be there protecting the people of my district with “officer presence,” (being visible) responding as quickly and safely as possible, to diminish fears of folks in remotest New Mexico.

District Attorney Vogel: You must seek Justice for Zach, relieving citizens of Kiowa Co. from languishing fear they may be targeted for speaking out. It’s a JUST thing to do. Our citizens need to hear you’ll seek equitable justice in this case. Real or imagined you must assuage their fears.

Despite all else, We citizens have a duty to protect our neighbors. Nobody but us is going to do it for us, except maybe the District Attorney. There is much truth to the phrase “United We Stand.” Stand together We must stand against fear and for justice.

Do not forget: - Remember. August 13, will mark 18 weeks, (126 days, 3,024 hours) since unarmed Zach Gifford, was tased and killed by three shots in the back, in Brandon on April 9. He was the passenger in a vehicle stopped for a petty traffic violation. We pray for justice in Zach’s homicide. Our thoughts are for him and his family. The D.A. has Zach’s homicide in his hands. Mr. Vogel will be remembered for what he does or does not do regardless of anything after this. Others must stand. Citizens must act proportionately.

Everyone in this county-community are neighbors. I speak for no one else, but not alone.

Vayan con Dios, Jeff C. Campbell

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