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Letter to the Editor: Lisa Steed

By Lisa Steed

December 2, 2020

We are at a crossroad in America today, facing two detrimental issues that will change the course of our homeland, irreversibly, if not stopped and corrected.  Election Fraud and Censorship.  These issues are Bipartisan in nature, and should alarm us all. The evidence is clear and facts available to anyone who is willing to research through pdf files, court filings, legislative correspondence, and verified news sources.  

 The days of assurance that your vote counted disappeared in this election.  The evidence has been given in sworn affidavits by eye witnesses from all walks of life: retired and active Military Personnel , retired educators, Statisticians, Expert Cyber Teams, to pollsters, as well as data given from both Military and Civilian Data Analysts.  The censorship by large media broadcasters of this information,  and suppression of evidence is for the express purpose of hiding evidence, deceiving the American People and to cover-up corruption. There are public hearings with a plethora of information regarding this election, but if you do not hear these expert witnesses for yourself, you will not be given accurate information as to what transpired at these public hearings by these media broadcasters.  As far as the Dominion Voting Systems, it is virtually unknown how they came to be the statewide single voting machine used across Colorado.  According to a news article by Peter Blake dated Feb. 10, 2016, obviously a two year timeframe from the 2020 election,  the county clerks in Colorado were told, by then Secretary of State Wayne Williams,  they would be required to purchase Dominion Voting Machines,  a Toronto company , though up until that point each individual county had been responsible for purchasing their own systems.  According to the article, Douglas and Jefferson Counties were opposed to the Dominion System, preferring a system sold by Election Systems & Software, and Omaha, Nebraska company.  The article also stated that Jeffco and other counties said Dominion would cost more than twice what the ES&S quoted. Secretary Williams did not solicit requests for proposals from the competing election companies.  But under state law he was not required to do so. So there was a non- bid award to Dominion.  It is interesting enough, to me, as a tax payer and voter,  to wonder how two years before our presidential election, Dominion Software, which is under probing scrutiny by other state legislatures, came to be purchased and implemented by  64 counties across Colorado, with push back from said counties.  The taxpayers of Colorado paid for and purchased these Dominion machines, so shouldn’t we be assured by actual evidence that these machines were reliable?

Lisa Steed


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