Letter to the Editor: Jeff Campbell

By Jeff Campbell

December 2, 2020

Week 34 – Justice can’t wait forever.

Only reputation and honour matter.

My partner, the wise man he is, always said, at the end of the day as a cop, an investigator, all that’s left is your reputation. Without your reputation for honesty, being “stand up,” being ready to act, following through and making right decisions, you were nothing. In a word, without honour you’re as low as the scum you run to ground.

The real police officers I’ve known from before I was an officer and after knew the value of their reputations. Those real men and women only used the force necessary to get the job done. They took their power as a solemn and sacred duty and promise to themselves and the public they served. Violence without necessity is just being another thug. Excessive force is a reflection on the incompetence of the officer.

I knew female officers that would stand their ground right with the male officers. On many occasions I witnessed female officers take on suspects twice their size, with grit, determination, smarts and could command a situation as soon as they stepped out of their vehicle. These women earned their reputations as solid officers every day, every shift without abusing the sacred trust of the immense power given peace officers. Real cops never had to brag. If they were good it was evident.

Cops that abused their powers, abused citizens, were usually dishonest as well. Cops that used unwarranted force, beat up citizens, abused and harassed women and girls on traffic stops were gutter trash. Cops that abused their power soon gained their reputations, but they were looked upon by other officers with disdain and as traitors to the badge. They were without honour. Most of all they were not trusted.  

Only an officer’s reputation counts for anything in the end. Going quietly into that good night, the only epitaph a good cop needs is, he or she “was a stand up cop.”

Do not forget: - Remember. Dec. 3, will mark 34 weeks, (8 ½ months, 238 days, 5,712 hours) since Zach Gifford, 39, was killed by lethal force. Depriving his family of him, of a son and brother. Zach was killed by sheriff’s officers on April 9, at about 1500 hours at close range. It hasn’t been denied. There’s no mystery. There’s no Justice for Zach. We pray for Justice. Nothing less. We think of him and his family. SE Colorado asks, what is D.A. Vogel doing?

I’m not going anywhere. Stand and speak for Zach. You must speak for him and the Gifford family. I speak for no one else. I’m damn sure I’m not alone.

Vayan con Dios,

Jeff C. Campbell


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