Letter To The Editor

By Tori Uhland

March 3, 2021

Let me preface this by saying I don’t care what you choose to eat. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, that’s cool. What’s not cool is Colorado Governor Jared Polis telling us that we shouldn’t eat meat.

Governor Polis is out of touch with this state and the people that live here. He is a multimillionaire that doesn’t value this lifestyle or the work ethic and character building that comes along with it. He does not respect the industry that built this state. He is ignorant and does not understand, or even try to understand, the value of agriculture and how extremely important it is to the present and future generations of Colorado.

I stem from a long line of farmers and ranchers. I am part of the 5th generation of farmers and ranchers on my dad’s side of the family. I am also part of the 5th generation of farmers and ranchers on my mom’s side of the family. I guess you could say the roots run deep.

However, those roots aren’t just in the Uhland and Moellenberg families of the eastern side of the state. Colorado as a whole has deep roots, too.

From the Ancestral Puebloans planting their crops in Mesa Verde and the Hispanic migrants bringing their irrigation tradition to the San Luis Valley, to groups of Americans, Mexicans, Frenchmen and Canadians running livestock and raising crops along the waterways of the Front Range.

When fortune seekers came to Colorado in search of silver and gold in the 1870s, commercial agriculture got its start and railroads started reaching Denver. People came in rail cars or covered wagons - some specifically to build their future in farming and ranching.

Now, Colorado agribusinesses contribute more than $40 billion annually to Colorado’s economy. 66% of the state’s $6.3 billion in agricultural cash receipts is attributed to livestock.

I am SO proud to be a part of the agriculture industry. And I am SO disappointed in the leadership of our state for not being supportive of this VITAL industry. Last week, ranchers battled a BRUTAL, record-setting, once-in-a-lifetime cold snap. Those men and women were out in sub-zero temperatures for hours at a time trying to save their livelihood: breaking ice, feeding livestock, doctoring animals. And this is how Polis wants to thank them? Are you kidding me?

-Tori Uhland


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