Letter to the Editor

By The Archers

November 4, 2021

To our Eads Family:

As we were driving out of town, we reminisced about our time in Eads. We cried over the sense of loss of our day to day interactions with our friends and colleagues. We laughed over so many memories and fun times we experienced in the last nineteen months. We smiled fondly while thinking of many of you.

We received so many beautiful and kind texts, calls, and social media messages. Though we were not able to respond to each one, please know that we have read them all and greatly appreciate your words. The sense of support and encouragement is overwhelming. We apologize that we could not say goodbye to everyone, but know that we love and appreciate every person in this sweet town.

We would like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude. Thank you for supporting us and welcoming us into your community. You allowed us to know your families both personally and professionally. You welcomed us into your homes for your children’s birthday parties, Bible studies, and barbecues. You invited us to ballgames, rounds of golf, and fishing days. People brought us homemade jams, baked goods, garden-grown vegetables, and Crow’s even stocked some of our favorite products. These are acts of kindness that aren’t prevalent in many communities today. Thank you for helping us become your neighbors and a part of the community.

Thank you for accepting our children. They have felt right at home while playing sports and attending school. Your kindness helped a shy little boy to flourish and a precocious four-year-old to feel like a “real” Santa, cowboy, cop, or whatever costume he sported each day. Thank you for loving them.

Eads has so much to offer. We have never lived anywhere with such a strong sense of community and where children have the opportunity to “just be kids.” These are treasures denied to so many today.

We could never adequately express how thankful we are for our time in Eads or how positively our time here has impacted our family. We will always feel that it is a home for us, and we will always love its people. While goodbyes are so very hard, we are ever so thankful for the ability to stay in touch. We hope to visit soon and hope that if any of you are ever in our area, you will let us know. We wish you all nothing but the best and are praying that God will continue to bless each of you. Thank you for caring for us and for loving us. We certainly love Eads, each of you, and are forever grateful to be a part of the Eads family. Thank you for making us feel at home.

Best wishes and much love,
The Archers

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