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Letter to the Editor: Jennifer Boyd

By Jennifer Boyd

January 12, 2022

Giving back to Marshall fire kids & families – would you like to help?

As the aftermath of the Marshall Fire is unfolding and becoming our day-to-day reality, I find myself struggling with what to do and how to help my community, our friends, my daughter’s classmates and friends that lost everything. There is so much incredible relief being offered for families that were impacted through various local and federal channels, but I guess part of my healing process and grieving process is trying to do my part to help those directly impacted by the fires. Being a mom, the thing that I’m struggling with most are the kids impacted by the fires. Kids that lost everything, including their Christmas presents, pets, clothes, school supplies, gear for their sports they love so much and the treasures that for them meant everything.

Many of you have reached out offering your support and have asked how to help. Some of you have already been so generous and have donated Gift Cards which Brett and I are finding homes for by taking kids that were impacted by the fires shopping to get a few things they want/need to help them feel better, and take some pressure off of their parents who are dealing with the overwhelming process of losing everything, dealing with insurance, caring for their kids immediate physical as well as emotional needs as well as their own and grieving all at the same time. We personally know six families that lost everything. We have good friends that have good friends that lost everything. They have friends of friends that lost everything. We are all impacted. There were over 1000 homes in our community either completely destroyed or damaged badly that they are uninhabitable. President Biden is visiting our area today to assess the damage and see what federal help can be provided.

So, if you are like me and wanting to help, I would like to help facilitate this to help do my part. Brooklyn’s school has over 100 kids that lost all of their belongings and they are taking donations in the form of gift cards (photo attached of the need). If you would like to donate, please purchase any of the following gift cards online and email to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will donate 100% to the school and the kids in need. If you’d rather send a physical gift card, and you don’t have my address, please just message me through Facebook and I’ll be happy to give this to you. Or, you can give directly to me if you live in the area and I’ll add to the collection pool I’ve started.

Thank you in advance,

Jennifer (Johnson) Boyd
Louisville, Colorado (formerly of Eads, CO)

Needed Gift Cards

  • Amazon E-Gift Cards:
  • Target E-Gift Cards:
  • King Soopers E-Gift Cards (Grocery):
  • Door Dash E-Gift Card (Food Delivery):
  • Uber Eats E-Gift Card (Food Delivery):
  • Visa E-Gift Card (General – can be used for anything):

Note from Editor: Jennifer graduated from Eads High School and is the daughter of (the late) Rod Johnson and Sharon Johnson. This family contributed a great deal of their time and money to Kiowa County and southeastern Colorado in past years.