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Bryan Williams for Kiowa County Sheriff

By Bryan Williams

May 4, 2022

My name is Bryan Williams and I am a candidate for Kiowa County Sheriff.

There are many jobs where minimal skill set is fine. Everyone must start somewhere. Sheriff of a County is not one of those jobs. I believe honesty, integrity and a good moral compass are basic requirements to be successful in Law Enforcement. I would like to begin by telling you about my training and qualifications as well as my love of community that makes me the best choice for Kiowa County Sheriff.

At 18 years old I was running / managing a successful business to include all hiring and firing, maintaining inventory, and ordering all supplies, writing all work schedules, completing the company books, budget and payroll.

After 5 years I was offered a job on the east coast rebuilding, setting up and instructing others to run machine shop equipment. After a year out east, I returned to Colorado and was offered the same job I had before I moved, running the same business. When the owner sold the business, I was contacted by another business owner to run and manage his business. I stayed at that job until I joined the Marine Corps.

As a Marine I was assigned to Marine Corps Security Forces where I was assigned secret security clearances and was in the Navy / Marine Corps Personal Reliability Program. I was a platoon sergeant and oversaw 30 to 40 Marines in all security details, recon patrols and backup forces. When Desert Storm began, I was transferred to fleet Marines and served there until my honorable discharge.

I returned to Colorado in 1992 and started testing with law enforcement agencies in the state. Due to my high-test scores, I was hired by the Colorado State Patrol and started the Patrol academy in 1993 where I graduated as Top Gun of my class.

The Colorado State Patrol Academy, which was rated as the top law enforcement academy in the state, was an intensive 6-month long training program that includes criminal, traffic, juvenile and constitutional law.

Training in investigations included homicide investigation. DUI and DUID driving, Traffic Accident investigations as a Level 3 Crash reconstructionist, Drug and Criminal Interdiction, Livestock liaison in cooperation with the Colorado Brand Board, firearms instructor, level 2 commercial vehicle safety inspector, emergency vehicle operations that included additional specialized training.

I was a member of the Crisis intervention Team (CIT) which is a specialized police curriculum that aims to reduce the risk of serious injury or death during altercations and emergency interactions between persons with mental illness and police officers. CIT are the ones who are called to talk to people that have mental problems and are intent on suicide or harming others to try to talk them down instead of shooting.

When I was a 2-year Trooper I was approached by my sergeant, Captain and Major to become a field training officer, a position that prior to then, required 3 years as a Trooper. I tested and attended the Colorado State Patrol Field Training Officer School, which was rated as the best in the state and started training Troopers on the road and assisted with training at the Colorado State Patrol Academy.

I was a team leader in the Special Operations Response Team. (S O R T) I was highly trained in building entry and active shooter response, Tactical roadblock, Tactical vehicle intervention. I am also trained as an Incident commander.

I have experience supervising and running a 10-trooper post in a very busy area for several months when stationed in Fairplay, due to the unexpected loss of the Sergeant in command. As the senior Trooper I was put in charge by the Troop Captain until a suitable replacement could be processed. I oversaw all day-to-day operations to include but not limited to scheduling, checking and filing paperwork, directing Troopers to emergency calls, on scene commander at emergency scenes as well as handle all contacts with the public and higher-ranking supervisors. This was a temporary field promotion since the State Patrol does not just give rank, it has an extensive testing process for promoting Corporals and Sergeants that must be earned. I tested and passed the Corporal and Sgt test numerous times, but since it involved moving, I turned down the rank each time.

What so many people do not understand is that being a Trooper involves much more than driving up and down a highway writing tickets

As a road Trooper I was involved in domestic disputes, assaults, thefts, vandalism and basically all situations most law enforcement officer’s encounter. I was personally involved in an active homicide and arson situation and investigation. I assisted in investigations of officer involved shootings and did investigate and diagram an officer involved shooting for another agency.

I have assisted in the recovery of escaped prisoners, search and apprehension of dangerous criminals, and solved a shooting by an anonymous person that was shooting at random people. I have recovered stolen vehicles. I was designated an expert witness in the 11th judicial district and have provided training to officers in proper court room procedures across the State.

I retired with 23 years of law enforcement experience with the Colorado State Patrol and have an additional 5 years volunteering my time with the Kiowa County Sheriff Department assisting in emergency situations and with providing free training. Over the course of my career, I have been honored to receive many Achievement Awards and commendations, not only through the Colorado State Patrol but also groups such as the Colorado Cattlemen’s Assn for my work as Livestock Liaison between the State and the Colorado Brand Board. I have received numerous acknowledgements from private citizens.

My family and I have lived in the county for going on 22 years. This is our home; we are not moving. My love of this community has me stepping up to answer the call of service to community.

Between the years of actual experience in Law Enforcement, and my training and skill sets, I believe I am a great candidate for Kiowa County Sheriff. I have a proven track record showing fair and equal treatment to all, no favoritism. I believe community involvement is the best form of Law Enforcement. Grants will be researched and written, bringing more opportunity to the Sheriff’s office.

Please join me at any of the Meet & Greets I am holding to learn more of what I see as a great future for Kiowa County Sheriff Office.

If you have any questions. please do not hesitate to contact me directly either by phone (719) 342-9816 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your questions are important to me.

Thank you for your support.

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