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Letter to the Editor: Tammy Freeman

By Tammy Freeman

April 5, 2023

My name is Tammy Freeman, Administrator of Cheyenne Manor Nursing Home. Kiowa County Independent ran an article dated; March 29,2023 titled “Mud in the Waters: Keefe Memorial Health Services District Visited by CDPHE Amid Complaints.” While this article does agree that rural healthcare is tough and that the pandemic has put extra stress on the entire industry, it contains highly opinionated remarks from a physician whose contract was nonrenewed. It further goes on to insinuate a connection between KMHSD and Cheyenne Manor Nursing Home.

The official name of the Manor is Cheyenne County Hospital District #3 dba Cheyenne Manor Nursing Home. While this name gives the impression that the Manor is associated with Keefe Memorial Health Services District, we are two totally separate, self-sustaining entities. The Manor is supported by Private pay residents, Medicare residents and a small 3.88 mill levy received from Cheyenne County taxpayers. We’ve been able to sustain our facility in the last two decades without petitioning our taxpayers for increased revenue. Due to the fiscal responsibility of our organization during that time, we have retained a healthy reserve of funds. Our future is bright, and contrary to the article, we are in no danger of closing our doors. Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic has brought hardship to the entire healthcare industry. Due to the conservative leadership of the prior and current Administration and Board of Directors, Cheyenne Manor has navigated this crisis and will continue to serve the Eastern Colorado Region in the years to come.

I would like to emphasize our relationship with Keefe Memorial Heath Services District has been positive for both organizations as well as the community. The proximity of these two organizations creates an ideal atmosphere for KMHSD physicians to provide superlative care for the residents of the Manor. Cheyenne Manor Board of Directors, Administration, Staff and Residents look forward to continuing this relationship for many, many years to come.

I would be happy to address any concerns in regard to Cheyenne Manor Nursing Home. Please contact me at (719) 767-5602 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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