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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Jeff Campbell

| Jeff Campbell | Letters to the Editor
Back in the day, as we ran investigations, especially “high profile” cases, our agency Public Information Officer [P.I.O.] would release regular updates to let the public know we were still on it, although new details were often withheld to protect the evolving case. We called it “full disclosure,” now it’s “being transparent.

Letter to the Editor: Jennifer Stum

| Jennifer Stum | Letters to the Editor
I know this is a scary time for some. We see so many conflicting news articles and it is hard to know what is true and what isn't.

Letter to the Editor - Stum

| Linly Stum | Letters to the Editor
After a series of conversations that began several years ago with the staff at the Independent and our suggestion that he share his perspective with readers, Linly Stum has (finally) decided to put his thoughts on paper for others to consider.

Letter to the Editor: Bill Woelk

| William Woelk | Letters to the Editor
I published this column over 30 years ago when Eads School District had received numerous academic recognitions. I came across it the other day and thought it was still as true today as it was then.

Letter to the Editor: Floyd Griswould

| Floyd Griswould | Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor,

I would like to address Eboni Nash’s article on inmate voters.

Letter to the Editor - Betty Blanco

| Betty Blanco | Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor,

As the founder of Arkansas Valley Tea Party Patriots of Colorado, I have learned the importance of getting to know our elected officials. Recently, I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the congressional offices in Washington, DC.

Letter to the Editor - Gay Uhland

| Gay Uhland | Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor:

Letter to the Editor - Bud Bennett

| Bud Bennett | Letters to the Editor
As many of you might know, I live on Maine Street in Eads, Colorado and am the guy who flies the multitude of flags in front of my home every single day. I have collected a large array of flags representing just about every occupation, organization, state, and country that exists.

Letter to the Editor - Roberts and Zimmerman

| Alexa Roberts and Karl Zimmerman | Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor,

This long overdue letter is to thank the people of Kiowa County for their long-standing support of the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site. It has been an honor for the two of us to have lived and worked in this incredible community for most of the last two decades.

Letter to the Editor - Floyd Griswould

| Floyd Griswould | Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor,

Well Priscilla Waggoner not sure where to write this letter to the Editor but here goes.

Letter to Editor: Kiowa County Commissioners to Governor Polis

| Kiowa County Commissioners | Letters to the Editor

Letter to Governor Jared Polis, President of the Senate Leroy Garcia and Speaker of the House K.C. Becker From Kiowa County Commissioners
Re: Don't Give Our Votes for President to California and New York

Letter to the Editor - Wiley and Robin Madewell

| Wiley and Robin Madewell | Letters to the Editor

My name is Wiley Madewell. On Sunday, February 3, 2019, myself, my wife, and our friend Chris Armstrong were traveling through your community.

Letter to the Editor - Sean Lening

| Sean Lening | Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor,

For those that attended the Saturday portion of the “Border Wars” basketball tournament in Syracuse, you were able to witness school pride at its finest first hand. The Syracuse student section put on a clinic in school pride that was something right out of the movie “Hoosiers”.

Letter to the Editor: Eloquence & Grace: All you need to know...

| Jeff C. Campbell | Letters to the Editor
Eloquence & Grace: All You Need to Know ...

Letter to the Editor - Sylvia Shields

| Sylvia Shields | Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor,

A friendly wave, and a “Hi, How are you?” This is the greeting as I enter the front doors of Prairie Pines and make my way down the hall to see my dad. What a friendly, inviting and warm atmosphere.

Letter to the Editor - Clay Copeland

| Clay Copeland | Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor,