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Misinformation Team in Colorado

By Raina Lucero

June 15, 2022

With the Colorado Primary Elections just weeks away and ballots already mailed to all registered voters in the state we wait to see just how blue Colorado truly is or if the prolific Red Wave will crash land over our landlocked state. The Democrats and establishment RHINOS are hoping Colorado is True Blue.

The Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold has formed a misinformation team which is now just another way that her office has compromised the integrity of this election. Griswold has enhanced and tightened the rules and control that county clerks have over the election process at the county level, making it near impossible for Colorado county clerks to fully fulfil the roll of the Designated Election Official for their county in the capacity that is required; the power from the county clerks has been shifted to the office of the Secretary of State, Jena Griswold. Recently, Griswold also appointed her own people to run the elections in Mesa and Elbert Counties after their clerks did what they felt was in the best interest for their county election records and backed up their election data from the 2020 election.

The Colorado Republican Party has less power now inside state electoral politics than at any point since World War II. Yet with many major seats up for grabs it really has become an “anybody’s ball game” situation at this point.

The people of Colorado, as with the entire country, seem to have grown tired of the political norm that we have seen over and over in endless election cycles. Unless you have been living under a rock you know that the last two years have been full of turmoil and strife between party lines as well as the people who feel strongly about the state of the state, in which we live. Bold actions as well as reactions by the powerful left-wing legislatures and Governor Jared Polis have led to the passage of many controversial bills and executive orders akin to the ultra-liberal California politics that has been exhibited for many years.

The “Open Primary” was adopted in Colorado in 2016 when Proposition 108 was passed by a slim 53% majority of Colorado voters, falling below the 50% approval in most counties that had more registered Republican voters than Democrat. This fact seems to indicate clearly that most Republicans do not favor an Open Primary. Colorado’s Unaffiliated voters can choose to vote in either the Republican or Democratic primary, but not both. In the 2020 primary election, more Unaffiliated voters chose to cast a Republican ballot than a Democrat one. Because there are more contested Republican races, that will surely be the case again in 2022.

Another incentive created by the Open Primary for meddling in the Democrat and Republican primaries is an organized effort in Colorado’s Congressional District 3 to persuade registered Democrats to temporarily change their registration to Unaffiliated so they can receive a Republican ballot in the mail and vote for the primary opponent of the Republican incumbent, Lauren Boebert. The same strategy is being deployed statewide for the three-way Republican primary contest for Secretary of State.

This strategy is geared to channel more than 100,000 Unaffiliated votes to the Republican candidate that the Democrats feel will be the weakest opponent for the Democratic candidates who will be running in November. This strategy is also backed by the establishment Republican candidates (RHINOS) who have the most money in the game.

The television ads that viewers are seeing, and the mailers showing up in your post boxes pointing out the uber conservative nature and platform of candidates like Ron Hanks and Greg Lopez look appealing to Unaffiliated or undecided voters, but the fine print tells a story that Dark-Money is being used to wage a full scale “psyop” against the Unaffiliated voters in this state.

The 2022 Colorado Republican Primaries are highly contested with some seats seeing two or more candidates on the ticket. Those who are looking and listening are seeing the division of the party as the establishment GOP (Good Ol’ Party) picked and funded mostly by large GOP groups nationally going head-to-head with the grassroots MAGA-minded populist conservative candidates who have left their blood, sweat and tears on their campaign trails as they have visited county after county and then looped back again; fully knowing that they may not have the money to stand side by side with the bigger more established Republican candidates but praying the people will show up for them anyway.

And to the surprise of many Democrats and Republicans alike, the people are indeed showing up. People are listening to a new message that they were always told was heresy, but now it is becoming more obvious to more people that perhaps their Constitutional rights are being infringed upon. That their elected officials, who are presumably elected by We the People, believe that they are too ignorant to see the psychological games that they play just to win a vote.

Voters beware, the only reason these tactics are being deployed is because the People of the state of Colorado may have them on the run. The grass roots, Constitution-loving Patriots of this great state may have gotten close enough to the truth that the Leftists and the RHINOS on the establishment Right must now attempt to win by any means necessary.

But, with all that said, how do grassroots Republicans and Unaffiliated voters figure out who to vote for in the upcoming Republican primary. Across the state the call to “Vote Top Line” might make some sense as those candidates on the top line of the ballot were put there by the Republican Assembly in March. That Republican Assembly was raucous and showed results that may indicate the People are realizing what is now in play for Colorado politics.

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