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Beginning of Session Newsletter: January 2024

By Rod Pelton

February 9, 2024

Second Regular Session of the 74th General Assembly Starts

On Wednesday, January 10, the 2024 Colorado Legislative Session began. I am privileged and proud to be serving another year as your State Senator.

Where I Am Serving

I count myself fortunate to have been assigned to the following three committees for this legislative session:

  • Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Local Government and Housing
  • Legislative Audit Committee

I am looking forward to serving YOU this legislative session!

Outnumbered Again

Kicking off this session, we are once again outnumbered in both chambers. Right now, serving in the legislature, there are 23 Democrats and 12 Republicans in the Senate. In the House, there are 47 Democrats and 18 Republicans. It does not take much to realize we are not only outnumbered, but severely outnumbered. Our hands are tied. That is not an excuse to sit back; it is simply a statement of fact.

The first floor debate of the 2024 session consisted of discussion around House Bill 1084, which is a Democrat bill relating to property taxes. For the past several years, Colorado Republican Lawmakers have been working hard to lower taxes for every Coloradan. Unfortunately, that hard work has been rejected by the Democrat majority. All efforts to amend the bill were killed immediately by the Democrats. The hardworking people of Colorado deserve better.

On Monday, January 29, we celebrated 4-H Day at the Capitol. I was a Senate co-prime sponsor of this resolution. I was honored to recognize these young leaders from around the state as they are our future.

My Bills


Concerning public employees’ retirement association limitations on employment after retirement for a service retiree employed by a rural school. Assigned to the education committee.


Concerning the administration of county veterans service offices. Passed on third reading unanimously.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me. It is my honor to serve you and I always appreciate hearing from my constituents.

Senator Rod Pelton

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