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Ensuring Colorado State Government Includes All of Colorado

By Representative Ty Winter

February 9, 2024

I am humbled and proud to share the news of my recent appointment as the Assistant Minority Leader by my colleagues in the House Republican Caucus. As the Representative for House District 47, my connection to the rich tapestry of ranching and farming communities runs deep, encapsulating the very essence of rural Colorado.

When Southeastern Colorado faced relentless challenges posed by severe snowfall and freezing temperatures, it became clear we needed a local advocate to stand up for our community. Local officials and concerned citizens turned to me, seeking insights into the state’s efforts to mitigate the challenges. The urgency heightened as Governor Polis’ emergency plan favored the major population centers, overlooking rural areas. While the metroplex had access to warming centers, our rural areas were left without adequate support.

My overarching mission is to amplify the voice of rural Colorado at the State Capitol. As the Assistant Minority Leader, my dedication is centered on bridging the divide between the needs of our rural communities and the nuanced policy-making decisions at the state level. It is crucial to address the specific challenges faced by Southeastern Colorado and ensure that our citizens receive the requisite attention and resources.

Let me draw your attention to some noteworthy legislative initiatives, such as HB24-1027, a transformative measure for rural Colorado. This bill focuses on tax relief, particularly for families with children. Starting January 1, 2025, essential baby and toddler products, including cribs, strollers, and baby wipes, will be exempt from state sales and use tax, easing financial burdens on parents.

Additionally, I will introduce another pivotal piece of legislation directly benefiting our farmers and ranchers. This bill introduces a state income tax credit for implementing qualified stewardship practices on farms or ranches, effective January 1, 2026. These practices aim to enhance soil health, improve water efficiency, and cultivate diverse and beneficial ecosystems while maintaining productivity.

The bill will offer three tiers of tax credits for eligible taxpayers, with a maximum credit of $150,000 per income tax year for implementing one qualified stewardship practice. This refundable credit requires qualified taxpayers to apply to the Department of Agriculture for a tax credit certificate.

Supporting bills of this nature is a significant stride forward for our agricultural community, and I take pride in advocating for legislation that prioritizes the needs of HD 47. By endorsing such bills, we are not only addressing current challenges but also laying the foundation for a more promising future in all of Colorado.

My dedication to Southeastern Colorado is unwavering. I am committed to championing the interests of House District 47 and tirelessly working to ensure our communities receive the support they rightfully deserve. Together, let us forge a future that is more robust for the entirety of Colorado.

Ty Winter serves as the Assistant Minority Leader for the Colorado House. He is a Republican, representing District 47. His district includes Las Animas, Baca, Prowers, Bent, Otero, Crowley and Kiowa counties, along with parts of Pueblo and Huerfano counties. He is a former chair of the Las Animas Republican Party and is a fourth-generation ag producer who lives on a ranch in Las Animas County with his wife and two daughters.

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