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Maybe It’s Time to Prep for the Rest of 2024

By Administrator

February 23, 2024

I woke up on Thursday morning to a notice a co-worker had sent me saying the Kiowa County Emergency Management office was informing citizens about cell phone services including Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T being disrupted because of a “Nationwide service outage affecting the making or receiving of phone calls and text messages.” That notice went on to say that there was no estimated time of restoration at this point and that the 911 service was intermittently functioning. They suggested trying to call from another phone line if there was an emergency. The dial up service seems to be working. Also, Vairo’s cell service seemed to be working better than the others as my co-worker is on that system.

Looking further into this situation—strangely enough both SECOM and ES Tech Internet services seemed to have no issue as well—I found a hot-off-the-presses online article written this morning by iSkyCreations stating, “In an unprecedented event that seems straight out of a science fiction movie, a massive solar flare has struck Earth, leading to widespread communication disruptions across the globe. This massive burst of solar energy, known for its potential to disrupt electronic equipment and communications networks, has left millions without cell phone service, severely impacting daily life and business operations.”

iSkyCreations reported their newsroom was actually, “along with countless others around the world,” cut off from cellular networks. The article went on to list how far-reaching this solar flare event is. For instance, and these are city services, Uber and Lyft drivers are not receiving requests so people can’t get to work; food delivery services are taking a hit; many businesses can’t do their work; communications in airports, schools, health facilities, government offices, and on and on are being affected.

They end their news piece addressing what is happening with the worldwide, massive solar flare that has disrupted cell services across the country, “This situation serves as a stark reminder of our modern society’s vulnerability to the forces of nature, modern war weapons, and cyber-attacks.”

The event today is probably the one that puts me in action to prep for the rest of 2024.

Whether the iSkyCreations article was accurate, I can’t say. The media is running with a “solar flare” as the cause for cell disruptions today—which just as easy could really be a cyber hack on our cell phone systems. We’ve all been hearing the warnings—prepare now for what’s to come as we enter the most contentious and important Presidential election of perhaps the history of the United States of America.

I’m seeing signs all around me that continue to make me more and more concerned that perhaps prepping to be able to live like our homesteading great-great grandparents did in an emergency situation is not that bad of an idea. For instance, we’re hearing the border is wide open and military-aged males are pouring in from across the globe, but particularly from China and some Middle Eastern countries in the past few weeks. FBI Director Christopher Wray testified in early December at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that the terror threats facing the United States has reached unprecedented levels. The types of threats are numerous but center around multiple levels of black-swan events by terrorist sleeper cells, to cyberattacks on our satellites, cyber or kinetic attacks on essential infrastructure, the release of an EMF, atomic weapon, or even the release of a bio-weapon such as Disease X that has been on the meeting agenda of the elites in Davos Switzerland since their meeting in mid-January.

Other signs have caught my attention. One thing many people have started to realize, me included, Hollywood creates predictive programming that oftentimes looks very familiar to real life occurrences. Take the movies “Contagion” or “Outbreak”, both movies that showed what happens when an airborne “deadly” virus shows up on the shores of America due to a secret bioweapon program. Those movie plots looked a lot like what we experienced in 2020 and beyond. Or take the long-running animated sitcom “The Simpsons” that has been remarkedly, or eerily, accurate about a lot that has already occurred in recent years. That show, in the past few years, has featured events that have caused the Simpson family to rush to an underground bunker in order to get away from an anarchic world in chaos.

Recently, the Obamas, who since their time in the White House, have become Netflix executives and movie producers are involved in the newest—possibly—predictive programming project when they premiered the movie, based on a 2020 novel by Rumaan Alam, “Leave the World Behind” (December 2023). That movie depicts the first few days of the United States being taken over by foreign soldiers after a cyber hack takes down the infrastructure, and anarchy in the cities ensues. The movie’s ending shows the protagonists finding a fully primed and loaded luxury underground bunker where we assume they will ride out the catastrophe unfolding in the country.

Speaking of luxury underground bunkers, we did learn in January that the richest among us, such as Meta creator Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon owner Jeff Bezos have been building luxury underground bunkers in Florida and Hawaii. There are companies that will build the bunkers if you have the money to pay for them.

Finally, in looking toward the springtime there’s a new movie on the horizon coming to theaters in April called “Civil War,” whereby two factions in the United States, the People vs the Elites, engage in an actual civil war in a “near-future fractured America balanced on the razor’s edge.”

I’m not sure what the rest of 2024 will hold, but based on the constant news cycle, Hollywood in end-of-the-world mode, and the elitists who are acting like they know something we don’t know, I’m getting to the point where I’m starting my lists and getting to work collecting what my family and I will need to survive any one of these crazy events that are being predicted.

Call me a crazy conspiracy theorist if you want, but this nut job is preparing—prepping—for the rest of 2024.

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