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James Lengel Canidate for Cheyenne County District 3 Commissioner

By James Lengel

March 29, 2024

To the fine people of Cheyenne County. My name is James Lengel. I am running for Cheyenne County District 3 Commissioner. I am a resident of Cheyenne Wells. I stand on my core values of God, Family and County and my own merits. I am a husband to Rosemary, father of two girls, and a grandfather of 4 wonderful grandchildren who are my pride and joy. I am an Eastern Colorado man, raised on the Lengel Ranch on the Republican River where my family still owns much of the land my great grandfather homesteaded in 1888. As a native eastern Coloradoan, I have spent much of my life in Cheyenne and Yuma County, although my employment has taken me all over Colorado and the United States, where I have made many business contacts and friends. I have worked primarily in the management and sales fields for most of my adult life.

I am a proven leader for Cheyenne County! I know what hard work is! I am a man of integrity, trustworthy, hardworking, honest, dedicated, motivated, community minded citizen of Cheyenne County.

When I am elected as your District 3 Commissioner, this will be my main job and to also serve the people of Cheyenne County. In my mind, it takes someone with common-sense, who is trustworthy, honest, and dedicated and has integrity to be your commissioner. I believe these are attributes that I possess. I promise to use my common-sense approach to issues, weigh the needs of the county along with the requirements laid down by the State of Colorado. I will work with the other elected officials and appreciate the work they are doing in their offices and will be available to hear their ideas and needs.

I have had a lifetime of leadership experiences with a wide range of responsibilities, including District Manager, Cheyenne County Tumbleweed Fair Board manager, the Cheyenne County Planning and Zoning Board and many other board appointments. I am proud to have been the first to develop and manage the Yuma Irrigation Research Farm in Yuma Colorado, which is a huge accomplishment for me personally. The property was a piece of barren farm ground, and the owners trusted me to create their dream of a research farm. During this time, I worked tirelessly to layout the fields and test over 15,000 seed varieties, fertilizer trials and chemicals trials, along with managing the very first Farm Show for that area. I have also been involved with Colorado Corn Growers Board as their adviser and member.

One of my greatest accomplishments, that brings me pride, is working for the citizens of Cheyenne County to bring them an exceptional Fair experience for the past 6 years. Through hard work and dedication, we were able to highlight Cheyenne County showing what a wonderful county we have. It takes leadership, common-sense, sometimes having to say no and many times honored to say yes. It also takes understanding and following the county budget, listening to needs and concerns and working with others closely. When I took over this duty, the Commissioner and citizens felt the Fair needed an upgrade. In the past 6 years, our small county Fair is now something we can all be proud of and has gained national attention. We have brought in the PRCA Rodeo for two-night entertainments, which has been televised over the past 3 years and my personal goal of including the youth to actively participate in the Rodeo. This is a lot of work that doesn’t start the month before the Fair; this is a yearlong process. I personally contact businesses, corporations, farms and ranch owners and individuals to support our Fair and have brought in at least 85% of the proceeds to help fund the Fair and the Rodeo. I enjoy serving the fine people of Cheyenne County.

With my leadership background, hard work, and dedication, you will not find a more trusted man to represent your interests in Cheyenne County.

I would thank you for your vote on June 25th and will bring my common-sense approach to the issue that Cheyenne County will face. I have not let you down in the past and will not let you down in the future!

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