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Why Colorado Democrats are More Radical than Most

| Mike O'Donnell | Opinion
When the Democratic Party swept into power in Colorado in 2018 riding the crest of the Russia-Russia-Russia mis-information wave, they teamed up with RadicalxChange, a group that already had a local presence in the state.

30 x 30 Land Grab Talk Attracts a Large Crowd in Rocky Ford

| Anne Boswell Taylor, Colorado News Your Way | Opinion
“Who is going to control this nation, is it going to be We The People, or is it going to be government, that’s what 30 x 30 is about.”

Misinformation Team in Colorado

| Raina Lucero | Opinion
With the Colorado Primary Elections just weeks away and ballots already mailed to all registered voters in the state we wait to see just how blue Colorado truly is or if the prolific Red Wave will crash land over our landlocked state. The Democrats and establishment RHINOS are hoping Colorado is True Blue.