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GOCO Awards $3.6 million to Nine Projects in Southern Colorado

| Priscilla Waggoner | News
The Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Board just awarded $3.6 million in grants to nine projects in Southern Colorado. One of the largest grants, totaling $868,805, is part of Alamosa’s efforts to get kids outside.

BITCOIN: Big Coin or Chump Change?

| Priscilla Waggoner | News
Brock is a 30 something year old man who occasionally likes to try his luck with different investments. Almost on a whim, he invested $900 in something called bitcoin.

The Little Turquoise House and its Great Big Heart

| Priscilla Waggoner | News
Starting in 1992, the people of Kiowa County—via budget allocation by the Board of County Commissioners—set aside $1,000 in the budget every year for providing general assistance to people who find themselves stranded in the county and are in need of help with money for gas or a hotel room. These unfortunate travelers would often receive the help through the Department of Social Services.

Eads FFA Brings Home District Championships

| Kaycee Ellenberger | News
On Wednesday, November 29th, 7 members of the Eads FFA chapter traveled to Cheyenne Wells to compete in the District Competition. 

Four Degrees From Soloviev

| Priscilla Waggoner | News
When it comes to Stefan Soloviev, a man who has a substantial presence in Kiowa County but resides in New York, the people of Kiowa County generally fall into one of four categories. The largest group is made up of people who don’t immediately recognize the name but are familiar with someone described as “the Russian who has bought a lot of land around here.

Three Swink High School Students Arrested After Hit List Revealed

| Betsy Barnett | News
For Swink High School Superintendent Kyle Hebberd, Monday morning started out like any other day, but quickly turned sinister as he received a call from the Otero Sheriff’s Department describing some extremely upsetting news. He was told three of his students had been arrested earlier that morning after they received a call from a student alerting them of a possible school shooting being planned.

JUST THE FACTS: The Rough and Rocky Road to Reform

| Priscilla Waggoner | News
These days, politics is rife with “spin” where news and other information is manipulated and slanted to affect its interpretation and influence public opinion. With some major exceptions, the media plays its part, as well, as commentators (and, sadly, some anchors) on both sides—that is, both conservative and liberal news outlets—engage in the practice.

'Farm to Fork' More than a Fad

| Priscilla Waggoner | News
For three generations, the Stum family name has been almost synonymous with millet in Kiowa County. Decades spent growing the grain plus a long time close association and working relationship with such esteemed subject experts as Dr.

Why Not Here? What the people of Kiowa County can learn from our neighbors to the east

| Priscilla Waggoner | News

Last week, the Independent ran an article on the Rural Opportunity Zone (ROZ), an innovative partnership between the state of Kansas and its rural communities created to address population decline. One of the success stories is found in Greeley County, a county similar to Kiowa County in numerous ways.

Filling the White Space: Friends Gather in Memory of Sharon Frazee

| Priscilla Waggoner | News
Few things will grab your attention like white space.

Is There Hope For Haswell?

| Priscilla Waggoner | News
In the midst of empty lots where buildings used to stand and other buildings, still standing but no longer usable, one or two businesses hang on, and chances are the man behind the counter and the owner are one in the same. In the neighborhoods, scattered among houses that have been vacant for years with owners who moved away long ago, there are still houses that are someone’s home with flowers in the garden, lamps in the window and maybe even a bicycle or basketball in the driveway, left there by children just moments before.

KCHD Turns a Long Awaited Corner: Two mid-level providers to join staff

| Priscilla Waggoner | News
A challenge exists in many small towns throughout the nation, and it’s a challenge that can quite literally hit people “where they live and breathe”. The problem: attracting and retaining health care providers who are both qualified and committed to sticking around for a while.

Fill It and They Will Come

| Priscilla Waggoner | News
There was a distinct atmosphere of optimism in the room last week when Commissioners Scott, Oswald and McLoud met with Travis Black and Rick Gardner of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). The purpose of the meeting: to explore potential plans for the future if permanent water in the lakes actually becomes a reality.

Take A Tip From Tribune

| Priscilla Waggoner | News
Kansas and Colorado share a great deal more than just a border, a fact which may surprise some people given the differences that seem so apparent at first glance. In Kansas, everything is irrigated.

Halloween Safety from Kiowa County Public Health

| Andrea Morgan | News
Happy Halloween!
Be Safe and Be Seen!!

Eads and Haswell United Methodist Churches Welcome New Minister

| Priscilla Waggoner | News
After several months of not having a permanent minister, the United Methodist Churches in Eads and Haswell finally have someone who will be delivering sermons from the pulpit on a regular basis every Sunday. Based on a somewhat brief but very interesting conversation held this past Sunday afternoon, it would seem the new minister’s presence will be as refreshing as it is reassuring.