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Through the nearly nine months of this COVID-19 pandemic, Kiowa County has dodged most of the terrible ravages of the disease.  There were not many cases, no hospitalizations and thankfully, no deaths.  But last Monday all that changed as the county learned it had its first COVID-19 death.  This news was terrible enough, but when we learned we had lost our longtime County Commissioner Richard “Dick” Scott to complications from the virus, the shock that resonated across the county and through southeastern Colorado was palpable.

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79 YEARS LATER: THE MEMORIES THAT HAUNT: A Survivor of Pearl Harbor Shares What He Remembers

On December 8, 1941, then President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed the United States Senate and House of Representatives in a speech that was broadcast live “over radio waves” across the nation.  The first clause of the first sentence of that historic speech went on to be one of the most widely recognized lines both then and now, not so much for its eloquence so much as for its simple, straightforward and devastating truth.

“Yesterday, December 7, 1941 – a date which will live in infamy…”

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Letter to the Editor: Jeff Campbell

Week 34 – Justice can’t wait forever.

Only reputation and honour matter.

My partner, the wise man he is, always said, at the end of the day as a cop, an investigator, all that’s left is your reputation. Without your reputation for honesty, being “stand up,” being ready to act, following through and making right decisions, you were nothing. In a word, without honour you’re as low as the scum you run to ground.

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Letter to the Editor: Lisa Steed

We are at a crossroad in America today, facing two detrimental issues that will change the course of our homeland, irreversibly, if not stopped and corrected.  Election Fraud and Censorship.  These issues are Bipartisan in nature, and should alarm us all. The evidence is clear and facts available to anyone who is willing to research through pdf files, court filings, legislative correspondence, and verified news sources.  

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The life led by Sheldon Solow reads like a classic story of the dreams that -- with a vision, a healthy shot of ambition and the courage to act on both -- can be realized in the United States.

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