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5 Ways You Can Help Our Kids Start School Out Right

It’s that time again as the area schools are getting ready to open their doors for another year of learning and growing.  In order to be successful a child must have the proper tools in school.  However, as we all know, often times it is very difficult for parents to provide their children with every item that is on that school supply list.  Did you know on the average in Kiowa County school supplies will cost nearly $30 per child?

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Living with Wildlife in Kiowa County

In a rural area like Kiowa County, it’s not unusual to see wildlife.  The fields and pastures are home to a number of different species, most of whom manage to live relatively undisturbed—at least, as undisturbed as wildlife can be in a region where human beings are co-inhabitants.  According to the Department of Wildlife, there’s an abundance of “small game” wildlife around right now, including  white tailed deer, mule deer and pronghorn, all with “fawns on the ground”, as well as coyotes, swift fox, pheasants, raccoons, badgers and others common to the western grasslands.  

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Maine Street Bash Raises Money for Theater Project

The 10th annual Maine Street Bash, a major fundraiser for the Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center, the local non-profit working to bring three historical buildings back to life, including the Plains Theater, brought many people, great music, and fun to Maine Street in Eads on Saturday night. 

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Kiowa County Fire District Nearing Final Hurdle

The proposed Kiowa County Fire District continues to move forward.  Initially, the County Clerk was required to file a Service Plan which was done by June 20.  The town councils and Board of County Commissioners approved the Service Plan by June 30.  In the past week three community meetings, one in each part of the county (Haswell, Eads, Sheridan Lake), were held and all three well-attended.  The overall consensus was highly favorable with few major concerns.  All three community meetings were attended by county officials who were able to answer the many and varied questions laid out by the public. 

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Democratic National Convention

Hillary Clinton made history becoming the first woman ever to accept the nomination from a major party for President of the United States during the closing day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.  Clinton has chosen as her Vice-Presidential running mate, Governor Tim Kaine from the state of Indiana.

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