The Indy is Gettin' Uptown Now, and We Have the Website to Prove It

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After months of working to find the right format that was visual, dynamic, relevant, trendy and, above all else, user friendly, the Kiowa County Independent is proud to say that our website is up...


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TRUE WEST IS HERE and it ain’t half bad, either. After weeks spent pulling it together, the staff at the Kiowa County Independent is very (as in, very) happy to say that the magazine is done and ...

The Father of Bulldogging

| Priscilla Waggoner | News
      Bill Pickett is credited with a move that inspired the rodeo event of steer wrestling.  Pickett, of black and Indian descent and the second of 13 children, was born in 1870 in Williamson Coun...

Landri's Dream

| Priscilla Waggoner | News
While making breakfast last August, Chad Tuttle asked his then 8 year old daughter, Landri, what she had dreamed about the night before. No one thought it was an unusual question.  That’s how Chad ...

The Legacy Pastor Tim LaHaye Left Behind

| Priscilla Waggoner | News
In 1929, a Hungarian journalist named Frigyes Karinthy (no, that isn’t a typo) reported on an untested theory called “Six Degrees of Separation”.   (If that sounds familiar, it’s because a play by ...

Fish Placed in Queens and Blue Lake

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On August 3 the Division of Parks and Wildlife added 80,000 crappie fish in Blue Lake and 35,000 in Queens.  Crappie is considered a top species choice among anglers as they are fun to catch and ha...

5 Ways You Can Help Our Kids Start School Out Right

| Betsy Barnett | News
It’s that time again as the area schools are getting ready to open their doors for another year of learning and growing.  In order to be successful a child must have the proper tools in school.  Ho...

Living with Wildlife in Kiowa County

| Priscilla Waggoner | News
In a rural area like Kiowa County, it’s not unusual to see wildlife.  The fields and pastures are home to a number of different species, most of whom manage to live relatively undisturbed—at least,...

Maine Street Bash Raises Money for Theater Project

| Betsy Barnett | News
The 10th annual Maine Street Bash, a major fundraiser for the Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center, the local non-profit working to bring three historical buildings back to life, including the Plains...

Kiowa County Fire District Nearing Final Hurdle

| Betsy Barnett | News
The proposed Kiowa County Fire District continues to move forward.  Initially, the County Clerk was required to file a Service Plan which was done by June 20.  The town councils and Board of County...

Democratic National Convention

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Hillary Clinton made history becoming the first woman ever to accept the nomination from a major party for President of the United States during the closing day of the 2016 Democratic National Conv...

The Highs and Lows of Wheat Harvest in Kiowa County

| Betsy Barnett | News
The wheat harvest for 2016 is all but in the books as county farmers have rapidly pulled in bushels and bushels of wheat over the past few weeks. 

Republican National Convention

| Betsy Barnett | News
Last week the Grand Ole Party took center stage at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio and delegates chose the party’s nominees for President of the United States and Vice President of the U...


| Betsy Barnett | News
“The mystery began when a company that had been testing its workers for drugs tried to test the town's water and found a positive THC result,” Lincoln County sheriff's Capt. Michael Yowell said. Au...


| Priscilla Waggoner | News
After a period of several years where the future of the property was unknown, the decision has been made by Kiowa County Growers, Inc to put up for auction the Great Plains Oil Company property.  T...

Bear Sighting Near Eads

| Kayla Murdock | News
On Sunday, July 25, residents of Eads were shocked by a rare sighting of a black bear 4 miles west of town.  Social media exploded when Artie Lane posted a video of the bear trotting through the pr...
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