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USDA Update February 3, 2016

February 3, 2016
CRP General signup - deadline for offers -  Feb. 26, 2016 
Dec. 7, 2015 – Aug. 1, 2016 -  2016 ARC-PLC Enrollment
February 9th – FSA County Committee meeting.
February 15th -  SERVICE CENTER CLOSED -  President’s Day
March 15 – NAP application closing Date for spring seeded forage crops
FSA Farm +
The 2014 Farm Bill mandates that USDA
shares with the producer, or a designated
agent, a web- based file format of that
producer’s information.  This would include
the Common Land Unit (CLU) data, related
farm level data and other information
generated by or for producers.  In addition,
this data would be provided in real-time and
at no cost to the producer or designated agent. 
The new web based FSA farm+ is designed
to provide producers with that information. 
Producers must register for a level 2 eAuth
access as this allows the user to enter USDA
web site portals that have been require higher
security restrictions and a verified identity for
each user ID and profile. 
Producers who currently have the level 2 access
can access can access their information at
Producers who wish to obtain level 2 access,
please visit the following website for the
instructional power point instructions.
https://www.aphis.usda.gov/animal_welfare/ downloads/acis/getting_eauth_level2.pdfUSDA
Producers will need to visit an FSA office for the identification process which can be completed by supplying the Local Registration Authority (LRA) a copy of your driver’s license. 

Producers who have received their 2nd and final notification of required Mid Contract Management (MCM) for CRP need to be adhering to the deadlines noted in the letter.   There can be NO MCM activity during the Primary Nesting season of March 15th – July 15th.  Failure to complete the required a MCM practice can result in non-compliance. 
Approved MCM practices and available cost shares are as follows:
>>Haying or grazing - a 25% annual rental reduction will apply to the contract on the number of acres hayed or grazed.  Haying and grazing can only be performed after July 15th.  Available for tracts with good stand and greater than 6 inch tall growth.
>>Light Tillage – a flat rate of $6.00 per acre.  Light disking (2 inches deep) on tracts with good stand and surface residue or chiseling on tracts with erosion issues. Dates to perform light tillage before March 15 – after July 15 and before September 30th. 
>>Inter-seeding - a flat rate of $6.00 per acre for the drilling and 50% of the cost of the seed not to exceed $34.00 per acre. For tracts with poor grass stands and growth, drill into existing cover on areas of the tract with weak cover, not to exceed 1/3 of acres in strips <120 feet wide. Drilling dates are Nov. 1 to Mar. 15.
Producers are required to submit paid receipts for the activity performed for the available cost share to be issued to the CRP participant.  

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