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USDA Update October 19, 2016

October 19, 2016
• CRP Routine Grazing Period -   October 1 – November 30th
• 2nd Tuesday each month - Farm Loan personnel in Kiowa County FSA Office. 
• CRP GRASSLANDS SIGNUP - No date announced for next ranking period.
• CERTIFICATION 2017 fall crops - November 15th – wheat, native grass, triticale, alfalfa crop deadline.
• NAP policy deadline -  December 1st, 2016 - Purchase 2017 policy for Alfalfa, Grass, Mixed Forage

Disclaimer:  Information in this UPDATE is pertinent to Kiowa County FSA only.  Producers reading this and that do not have FSA interest in Kiowa County are advised to contact their local FSA Office.
Loan Deficiency Payments
LDP rates have not triggered for corn and grain sorghum.  The LDP rate for wheat was larger than last weeks.  Remember, the posted county price is based on a 5 day average of terminal prices and differential.   The closing market price for the day does not mean that the LDP rate will be higher or lower the next day. 

KIOWA County, COLORADO, Crop Year 2016
Commodity Effective        Date               Loan Rate ($)        Effective PCP ($)        Effective LDP Rate* ($)
Wheat – HRW - bushel     10/11/2016        $ 3.03                      $ 2.60                          $ 0.43
                                     10/12/2016        $ 3.03                      $ 2.61                          $ 0.42
Wheat - Hard Red Winter 10/13/2016        $ 3.03                      $ 2.60                          $ 0.43
Wheat - Hard Red Winter 10/14/2016        $ 3.03                      $ 2.62                          $ 0.41

Commodity Effective Date               Loan Rate ($)      Effective PCP ($)        Effective LDP Rate* ($)
Corn – Bushel          10/11/2016        $ 2.10                  $ 3.11                              $ 0.00
Corn                       10/12/2016        $ 2.10                  $ 3.12                              $ 0.00
Corn                       10/13/2016        $ 2.10                  $ 3.11                              $ 0.00
Corn                       10/14/2016        $ 2.10                  $ 3.13                              $ 0.00
Commodity Effective        Date             Loan Rate ($)       Effective PCP ($)       Effective LDP Rate* ($)
Grain Sorghum – CWT     10/11/2016      $ 3.39                   $ 4.44                          $ 0.00
Grain Sorghum               10/12/2016      $ 3.39                   $ 4.46                          $ 0.00
Grain Sorghum               10/13/2016      $ 3.39                   $ 4.45                          $ 0.00
Grain Sorghum               10/14/2016      $ 3.39                   $ 4.49                          $ 0.00
• Note grain sorghum is computed in hundredweight.

The website to check daily LDP rates is as follows:

The FSA office released the majority of the Price Loss Coverage (PLC) payments this past week.  The 2015 Actual yields for Kiowa County for farms with the ARC-CO were also released.   Kiowa County triggered a payment on oats only.  The following were the 2015 actual yields for Kiowa County.
Wheat – 28 bu
Grain Sorghum – 41 bu
Corn – 77 bu
Barley – 48 bu
Sunflowers – 1238#
We realize that many producers are questioning why the ARC-CO didn’t trigger for 2015 when Kiowa County crops did trigger payments in 2014.  PLC payments didn’t trigger payments in 2014 due to the marketing year average exceeding the target price. 
ARC-CO is a revenue-based program.  Payments is earned when county crop revenues fall below county benchmark revenue levels.  That is not based on only price; but yield also.  The ARC-CO guarantee for wheat which is the Olympic average of the five previous years yield and price x 86% was $109.48.  The actual yield was 28 bu. and the marketing year average was 4.89 - 28 x 4.89 = $137.20 an acre.  Kiowa County exceeded the guarantee which was 109.48.  Counties around Kiowa didn’t trigger last year for payments but are triggering ARC-CO for this year. 
 The actual county yields are comprised of NASS (National Ag Statistic Service) and RMA (Risk Management Agency) data.  NASS county data is the primary source for determining the county yield; therefore it’s important for producer to participate in NASS surveys.  FSA encourages producers to participate in NASS surveys for this very reason – determining county yields. 
ARC-IC Farms
Producers who elected the ARC-IC program; which is individual coverage have not received their payment on those farms.  The ARC-IC calculator will not be released to county offices until later in October.  The office has received the producer’s actual 2015 production; when the calculator becomes available the office will be notifying producers if a payment triggered for those farms. 
The CRP annual rental payments will be released late this week.  Do not expect them into your bank accounts until October 24th.  The office realizes that the CRP payments are late in getting released this month; however the ARC-PLC payments were the first in the payment cycle.  We ask that if you have NOT received your CRP annual rental by October 26th; then contact the office. 
Unauthorized Disposition of Grain
With the down turn in commodity prices; the office has disbursed a large number of marketing assistance loans (MAL) on wheat.  The MAL is available for corn and grain sorghum also. 
If loan collateral has been disposed of through feeding, selling or any other form of disposal without prior written authorization from the county office staff, it is considered unauthorized disposition. The financial penalties for unauthorized dispositions are severe and a producer’s name will be placed on a loan violation list for a two-year period. Always call before you haul any grain under loan
Telephone 719-438-5851 FSA (Ext 2), NRCS (Ext 3). FSA Fax number: fax2mail 844-332-7501
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For information on programs visit our website located at www.fsa.usda.gov or like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

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