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legal notice
Legal Notice

Public Hearing Announcement from Southeast Colorado Enterprise Development Inc.

June 14, 2018

Prowers County through Southeast Colorado Enterprise Development, Inc. will submit an application to the Colorado Division of Housing.  Before an application is submitted to the Division of Housing, we invite all interested persons to attend a public hearing:  

Kiowa County Court House           1305 Goff St, Eads, CO              June 28, 2018 at 2:00 PM

The purpose of this application is to request $55,347.00 to administer the rehabilitation program in Southeast Colorado, for homes located in the counties of Baca, Kiowa and Prowers.  The request of funding from the Division of Housing is used to benefit persons with low and moderate incomes by improving the housing in these areas. It is not the intent to cause displacement from any existing housing; however, if persons are displaced from their existing residences reasonable housing alternatives will be offered.

The proposed development will increase the quality and affordability of housing in our community. 

All interested persons are encouraged to contact Southeast Colorado Enterprise Development, Inc. for further information.  Written comments should be mailed to PO Box 1600, 112 West Elm, Lamar Colorado 81052 and will be forwarded to the Division of Housing for consideration during the application process.

If reasonable accommodations are needed for persons attending the public hearing, please contact Southeast Colorado Enterprise Development, Inc.

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