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Eads School Board Makes Plans for the School Opening On August 8

By Betsy Barnett

August 8, 2018

The Eads School Board met on July 31 in their regularly scheduled meeting and was presented with updates concerning school starting on August 8th. Registration was held on the same night, so Superintendent Glenn Smith did not have a lot of information about students or their respective needs until the start of next week.

Athletic Director, Trey Eder gave a report concerning the coaching staff as they begin the school year. Eder met with all the coaches and addressed questions and issues on ordering supplies, uniforms, and miscellaneous needs. He also reported that the athletic meeting for junior high and high school students was well attended. Topics of discussion for the students and parents covered training rules, schedules, and the steps to take to communicate with coaches and school administration. Head Golf Coach, Justin McLoud, requested that Sean Lening be added as a volunteer golf coach as there are a number of golfers again this year.

Newly appointed high school principal, Brian Bohlander, reported that registration was on going so he had no idea on numbers as of the meeting. However, he reported there are a couple students who will not return, but there are new students who have enrolled. A clear count will be presented at the next meeting.

Superintendent Smith reported that the Preschool has been moved back to the original classroom with additional space added to accommodate the number of students expected. The HVAC system at the ag shop is being installed and should be completed before school starts. As far as Smith knew there was no known weather damage to any district building or anything on the grounds.

The board then took action on three items concerning armed school personnel as it pertains to the overall security plan at the district. They approved the 2018-2019 Resolution Regarding Armed School Personnel, Armed Personnel Job Description, and Armed School Personnel Extra Duty Assignments. As part of these agreements the designated personnel will be required to have specific and ongoing training, must be certified, and shall directly work with school administration and local law authorities. The names of the designated personnel will not be made public.

In other actions, the board approved the second reading of two policies pertaining to employee leave and sub pay.

Superintendent Smith than led the board in a number of discussion items including more specific details concerning the security planning indicating the following: The high school doors will be locked with access allowed through buzz in from the offices; high school exterior doors will only be open when staff are present in the mornings; and there will be a I Love U Guys training on August 3rd.

Smith also indicated they will add a JH art class for the school year. They also need coverage in the JH practices, particularly in the locker rooms. The rest of the needs will be flexible depending on how many special education students need services.

Smith also discussed the use of the facilities and urged the community and school personnel to fill out facility use forms when needed. A key will then be issued and will need to then be returned after the usage is done. Unauthorized people are using the facilities without permission, so this will need to be tightened up by possibly eliminating the long term check out keys.

Other short discussions centered around future goals and expectations including possibly expanding non-college options and the purchase of a new bus in the near future.

Smith also mentioned that board member Larry Gifford will be moving in the near future and at that time will be submitting his resignation. The district will begin searching for a new director at that time.

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