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Eads School Board Hires Assitant Basketball Coach; Discusses Greenhouse Idea

By Betsy Barnett

October 6, 2016
     The Eads School Board met in their regularly scheduled time last Monday with a light agenda that included just a couple of action items.  High School Principal Betsy Barnett reported on a number of items of interest.  She ran down the schedule on activities from FBLA, FFA, and the upcoming Homecoming week.  During last hour a number of new activities are taking place including business visits from the entrepreneurship class and working on new ideas and projects.  This is an hour where students explore their potential skills and interests and career options.  Barnett also reminded everyone that the first quarter is already upon us in the second week of October. 
    Athletic Director Trey Eder discusses the undefeated Middle School football team as they recently took on a tough Stratton-Liberty team and defeated them 56-22.  Mrs. Dawn James was present and made a report about the recent visit of State Senator Larry Crowder to her classes.  Mrs. James indicated the kids had many questions for the legislator and everyone enjoyed the opportunity. 
In action items, the board agreed to hire Marcus Gilmore as the 2016-17 Boys’ Assistant Basketball Coach after a recommendation from Smith who said he had a long conversation with Gilmore after receiving his application a few weeks prior.  Head Coach Russell Parker is also on board with Gilmore’s selection.

     Smith also reported on a number of discussion items including an update on the primary electrical service/secondary service that the school is facing.  It looks like some secondary lines coming into the campus will need to be updated with estimates coming in at more than $50,000.  Smith has also been dealing with building inspectors and trying to get some old sprinkler heads located on the back of the stage officially abandoned.  Otherwise, the heads will have to be updated at substantial cost and for little safety consideration since everything in that area is cinderblock and not flammable.  Smith has also been meeting with contractors and architects for the Elementary Gym historical renovation project.  Small amounts of asbestos have been reported in the calking around the historical windows so Smith is now dealing with this issue.  Otherwise, the project is slowly moving forward. 

     The elementary school will soon be receiving a few new chromebooks that have a 21” monitor.  Chromebooks simply browse the internet but they can be used for learning applications and the required testing programs that will be coming up in the spring. 

     A discussion then took place on a golf proposal that would start the Boys’ Golf program once again.  The request was made by a community member.  Smith said it has been a lot of years since Eads was able to field a Golf team and if there was a consideration of the idea he would require five (5) students to be on the team.  To compete in a tournament a team has to have four competitors according to CHSAA rules.  Smith also indicated he took the topic to the Accountability who made some interesting observations about the lack of music and art in the school, and whether the small numbers of athletes would be able to field two sports at the same time.  The topic was tabled.

     Finally, Smith described a new project proposed by FFA teacher Lindsey Todd.  Eads has an old greenhouse that is located behind the Ag Building and not being utilized.  Todd has been working with Zach and Katie Kopasz, owners of the Blue Roof Hydro Farm greenhouse, in order to develop a working greenhouse on campus that can be used in the future as a learning lab, a commercial endeavor, and/or a community garden.  The board was intrigued and would like to pursue Todd’s ideas further.

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