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Kiowa County Hospital District Minutes for August 23, 2016

October 6, 2016

     The Kiowa County Hospital District and County Board met in regular session on August 23, 2016 at 6:32 p.m. at the Bank Meeting Room.
District Board members present were: Robert Woods, Priscilla Waggoner, Mary Eikner, Sylvia Shields and Cathryn Anderson.
County Board members present were: Kim Harris, John Negley, Craig Kerfoot, Lori Shalberg and Dennis Pearson.

Others present: Tristen Sheridan, Wendy McDowell, Char Korrell, Shannon Dixon, Kevin Siefkas, Cindy McLoud and Braylynn Eder.
The meeting was called to order by Mary Eikner, Chairman of the Board.
COUNTY VOTING MEMBERS: Craig Kerfoot, Lori Shalberg and John Negley
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: A motion was made to approve the July minutes with spelling errors corrected by Anderson and Woods seconded it. All aye.
AGENDA: Add SEP Agreement. A motion was made by Kerfoot to approve the Agenda as amended and it was seconded by Negley. All aye.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Cindy McLoud attended a meeting with the Governor regarding upcoming legislative items. The Stepping Up initiative and housing for individuals straight out of jail were discussed. Vouchers could be available for people coming out of jail with no place to go. They would also like to expand Medicaid to cover court ordered medical issues. Currently Medicaid does not. The El Paso County Jail has a system in place where every prisoner is enrolled in Medicaid and scheduled with their first doctor’s appointment before they are released. Discussion followed.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: The July financials were reviewed. We are continuing to work on the AR. The Hospital Provider Fee was discussed. They are trying to change the way CAH’s are paid. Amendment 69 is coming and we need to vote against this. There are too many problems with it right now and it would cost too much money. The check register was reviewed.

PLANNING COMMITTEE: We need to have a Board workshop and then have a strategic committee meeting to review our goals and next projects. We would like to have the board and department managers at the workshop and then invite public to the strategic committee meeting. We will have a Board workshop on November 2, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. at Cobblestone Inn.

GRANT COMMITTEE: We broke ground on the CT improvements. We did get our amendment approved for changing the date of completion. We have not heard about the request
to increase the grant. Waggoner will call El Pomar to see if they can help us out some more. Construction should continue in a couple of weeks.
Sheridan is working on a grant with Colorado Health Foundation for primary care leadership. This grant covers personnel and capital. We have asked for CT tech, $60,000, CT injection component $35,000 and service agreement $3,000 for a three -year period. This will help us with some expense after the project is completed.
Sheridan is also working on a grant to replace our portable x-ray machine. Ours is quite old and not real user friendly. In 2018, we will need to have all of our x-ray equipment digital.

CLINIC REPORT: We have providers scheduled through December. We are fortunate to be able to use the same doctors through Docs Who Care. The Clinic will be updating their policies and procedures. All results have been caught up and are current. They have done some tweaks to the system and it is working much better. They are continuing to work on the Chronic Care program. Richards is doing a great job on this. We will try to attest with Meaningful Use this year. There are several programs that we will be participating in.

Dr. Sara Hiam and Dr. Jeffrey Alpert were given temporary privileges for another 60 days.

BOARD TRAINING: Kerfoot, Eikner, Sheridan and Dixon attended the Special District Association board training in Lakewood. They discussed Board Roles and Responsibilities, Budget, Election, 2017 Policy and Legislation and Analytics and Measurements. It was very informational. We enclosed information in your board packets.
They discussed board roles. They are to oversee the CEO, but not micromanage. Emails that are sent to board members to discuss issues are considered a meeting, so these should not happen. The Sunshine Law was discussed. Public comment is not required. Talked about the requirements of executive session and keeping to the topic. Talked about open records law. Conflict of interest was discussed. If you have a conflict, you should abstain from the whole conversation and voting. If necessary, you should leave the meeting.
If there is public comment, we can set a time limit. If it turns contentious do not reply, let them know that we will get back to them.

PROVIDER RECRUITMENT: We have two midlevels that we will be interviewing this week. Sheridan has had a preliminary phone call with each of them. One is a brand new Nurse Practitioner with no experience and the other is a Nurse Practitioner with a lot of experience. Their CV’s were reviewed. The Clinical team will meet with them this week. We did have a PA that was very interested, but he is new and would need at least six months of supervision by a MD. Since we do not have a full time MD, this would not work. Sheridan talked to Glen
Beeson today and he will not graduate until 2018 and then he has to complete three years of residency. He is still interested in coming back, but it would be several years.

ECU & HOSPITAL REPORT: We are working with the HCAHPS program. Sheridan reviewed the HCAHPS report. The Clinic is hiring a new MA. We are working on the smiles for life program in the clinic. We have the fluoride kits and will begin this next month after our training is complete.
QA and Department Meeting minutes were reviewed. We had three falls, no injuries, and three skin tears. We reviewed three psych charts.
The power may be off in the dental building during construction. It should only be for a few days. The elevator inspection went well.
Activities will be taking residents to the fair breakfast on Thursday and to the Fair on Friday. We will have a float in the parade.
McDowell is implementing a medication school for our nursing department. CMS guidelines suggest less than five percent in med errors. If a nurse has a med error, then they will have to do the medication school. This is just another way of keeping our staff trained. We will be getting a med cart for the Hospital. Our pharmacy contract is not up until 2017 for the Hospital. Sheridan has asked
Accumed if they might be interested in this and they said yes, so we will keep in touch with them and also our current pharmacist when it is time to renew.
DIETARY RINSE TANK: The rinse tank on the dishwasher quit. A new one is $1,500. Sheridan called the executive committee and got approval to purchase this item. We could not use the dishwasher until it was replaced.

SEP AGREEMENT: It is time to renew the Single Entry Point Agreement with Bent County. Each County has to have a SEP program. We contract with Bent County and use Pam McPherson to provide these services. Bent County reimburses us for her time. There are no changes to the contract. A motion was made by Woods to approve the new SEP Agreement and Anderson seconded it. All aye.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: We need to decide if an absent board member can listen to the executive session recording. There are no statutes regarding this. We talked to SDA and other Hospitals, it is up to the Board to decide. Discussion followed. Waggoner made a motion and Shalberg seconded it that a board member with an approved absence can listen to the executive session recording. All aye. Waggoner made a motion and Shalberg seconded it that recordings must be listened to before the next regularly scheduled board meeting. All aye. Shalberg made a motion and Shields seconded it that all recordings will be listened to in the privacy of the CFO’s office. All aye. This will be added to the Board By-Laws.
Shields asked to listen to the July 26 executive session recording since she missed the meeting. Shalberg made a motion and Negley seconded it that Sylvia Shields could listen to the July 26 meeting. All aye.
A motion was made by Anderson that we go into executive session to consider personnel matters pursuant to and as permitted by CRS 24-6-402(4)(f)(I) and Shalberg seconded it. All aye.
Executive session was convened at 9:18 p.m.
The meeting was returned to regular session at 9:50 p.m.
A motion was made by Shields and seconded by Shalberg to approve the increased pay for productive time and offer mileage to Dr. Lenderts. All aye.
A motion was made by Shields and seconded by Shalberg to approve the increase in salary for Joe Zinger and to reimburse tuition contingent upon a three-year contract. All aye.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:54 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Kiowa County Hospital District Board
Sylvia Shields, Secretary-Treasurer

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