November Vouchers

By Administrator

2022-01-12 07:05:47

The following vouchers were paid at the Regular Meetings held on November 10, 2021 & November 23, 2021 to be paid out of 2021 Budget to with:
Social Services
Girard National Bank HSA Payable $100.00
Kiowa County Treasurer CG Employer/Employee Benefits $17,095.10
Jaylin Spady Benefits Payable $210.22
Public Health Agency Fund
Atmos Energy P/H–Gas $37.04
Culligan/Deloach’s Water Conditioning Water $16.00
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone EPR Phones $51.94, Public Health Phones $121.18 $161.51
Kiowa County Treasurer PH Employer/Employee Benefits/Direct Deposit $10,608.55
Kiowa National Bank HSA Deposit Clearing/Employer (CMG) Deposit $216.00
Kris Stokke EPR $7,800.00
MASA Mts Elective Benefits-Monthly $14.00
Prowers County CMG Office Rent $83.33
S.E.C.P.A. PH/Nurse—Electric $123.15
Town of Eads Water $92.33
Unifirst Corporation Office Supply $58.46
Viaero Wireless CMG–Phone $81.32
Visa–Girard National Bank Office Supplies $459.40
County General
719 Supply LLC Recycling–Repairs $128.69
Ramonda Adamson Elections 2021–Contract Labor $45.00
ALS Sheriff–Small Equipment $561.40
Atmos Energy Natural Gas- Courthouse $154.08, Bransgrove Upstairs $32.46, Comm. Bldg $31.51, Fairgrounds BBQ $29.29, Old Senior Citizens $43.92 $291.26
AT&T Mobility Sheriff–Telephone $2,134.52
Avenu Rental Contract  
Bent County Sheriff Sheriff Dispatch $3,350.00
Berry, Joyce Eads Seniors–Janitorial $21.37
Colorado Assessor’s Association Assessor–Travel/Meeting $800.00
Colorado Natural Gas, INC Recycling–Utilities $29.45
Consolidated Communications Towner Seniors-Telephone $48.25
Crow, Janelle Elections–Contract Labor $150.00
Crow’s Stop & Shop Healthy Choices–Food Voucher; Cares Act; Bldg Maint–Maint Supplies; Eads Seniors–Group Meal $4,263.59
Dinkel Gas Company, LLC Towner Seniors-Utilities/SPR $210.00
District Attorney Office Salaries–$2069.42, Elected Official–$194.75; Operating Supplies–$315.00 $2,579.17
Docutek Inc Clerk/Recorder-Maint Contract $650.00
Eads Auto Supply Maint, Admin, Sheriff Repairs, Landfill, Recycling Supplies $1,594.27
Eads Consumer Supply Co. T-Van Fuel $212.75; Recycling Fuel $21.75, Bldg Maint-Machine Repairs $137.86 $372.36
East End Seniors Staff: Barbara Wilson $75.00
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Telephone/Internet Services $1,389.55
Elevator Inspection & Certification Bransgrove–Contract Labor $300.00
Family Support Registry Admin–Child Support $501.86
Fickenscher, Brenda Elections–Contract Labor $83.32
Girard National Bank Debt Svc/Cars, Lease Payment, Loan Payment $346.93
Gobin’s Inc. Admin -Service Agreement $188.41
Hale Outdoor Sheriff–Small Equipment $4,989.61
Hotel Elegante Commissioners-Travel $594.00
Jon Howard Ambulance Contract Labor $350.00
Nick, Johnson Bldg Maint-Fairgrounds Repair $128.26
Kiowa County Independent Admin, Landfill, Transit, Healthy Choices, Veterans $598.70
Kiowa County Independent Veteran–Printing, Adv $28.00
Kiowa County Treasurer CG Employer/Employee Benefits $118,199.16
Kiowa Drug Landfill–Test Wells/Monitor; Treasurer–Office Supplies $103.33
Kiowa National Bank HSA Deposit Clearing $1,019.00
KS State Bank, Gov’t Finance Dept Capital Outlay LED Lighting $1,153.94
Legal Shield Elective Benefits $12.95
MASA Mts Elective Benefits $166.00
Miller Auto Parts Sheriff–Auto Repair/Tires $2,943.59
Myers, Shelly Elections–Contract Labor $150.00
Kendra McKibben Elections-Contract Labor $45.00
Petty Cash Fund Economic Promotion/Donations; Transit Van–Cleaning Fund $53.86
Plains Network Services Office supplies $115.80
Plains Network Services INC Sheriff–Books, Printing, Adv; Treasurer–Office Supplies; Clerk/Recorder–Office Supplies $263.00
Postmaster Commissioners-Dues/Fees/Reg $160.00
Prowers County Jail Jail-Prisoner Keep Outside $100.00
Quill Corp Clerk/Recorder-Office Suppplies; Admin-Office Supplies $104.80
Kim Richards Elections-Contract Labor $45.00
Road & Bridge Fund Landfill Equip Repairs & Fuel; Bldg Maint Fuel; Recycling Fuel $776.15
S.E. Colo Economic Dev Dist Admin–Dues/Fees/Reg/Subs $1,000.00
S.E.C.P.A. Utilities-Electric $4,585.47
SECOM Sheriff-Internet $187.90
State Industrial Products Bldg Maint-Bulding Supplies $998.03
State of Colorado-DPA Clerk/Recorder Postage $102.08
Steerman Law Offices Professional Services Rendered $593.75
Town of Eads Seniors Water $92.33; Courthouse Water $295.58; Murdock NPS $92.33; Old Sr Bldg. $92.33 $572.57
Towner Recreation District Towner SRS Utilities $150.00
Viaero Wireless Landfill, Maint, Emergency Mgmt Telephone $239.42
Vision Graphics INC Elections–Printing, Adv $2,068.92
VISA Office Supplies, Repairs, Travel/Meetings, Dues/Fees, Postage, etc. $3,851.14
Walker, Nancy Elections–Contract Labor $150.00
West End Golden Seniors Haswell Seniors-Utilities $471.78
Wheatland Electric Cooperative Towner Streetlight $39.43, Emergency Siren $36.28 $75.71
Road & Bridge
719 Supply Supplies, Sm. Equip. Supply, Repairs, Filters $394.47
4 Rivers Equipment Equipment Repairs, Outside Repairs, Maintenance $38,284.32
A & M Pest & Termite Control Admin-Prof services $3,000.00
ACE Tire Service LLC Tires $1,881.00
Airgas USA, LLC Maint-General Supplies $179.83
Airgas USA, LLC Maint-General Supplies $261.65
ATMOS Energy Gas $57.67
Axle Surgeons of Denver Equip-Repairs $1,395.00
Bill Barnett Maint-Gravel $203.50
Bruckner Truck Sales Equip-Outside Repairs $1,486.48
CAT Financial Services CORP Equip. Payments $1,673.85
Colorado Natural Gas Inc. Sheridan Lake Shop $47.98
Consolidated Communications Admin-Telephone $48.25
Cordova Shed: Billie Cordova Rent $250.00
Eads Auto Supply & Hardware Maint. Supplies, Maint. Sm. Tools, Maint. Cattleguards; Equip. Sm. Supply, Fuel, Repairs, Filters; Admin. Postage $875.86
Eads Consumer Supply Equip-Tires $6,416.04
Eastern Slope Telephone Telephone $123.45
Fremont Paving Maint-Road Oil/Chips $404.80
Front Range Kubota Maint-General Supplies $141.60
Haswell Propane Supplies, Propane $17.82
Haswell Propane Equip-Fuel/Oil/Diesel $2,253.76
Hotel Elegante Admin-Meetings/Travel $594.00
John Deere Credit Admin-Debt Service $3,383.45
Kiowa County Independent Admin–Advertising $36.80
Kiowa County Treasurer Maint-Gravel Pit Permits $1,584.00
Kiowa County Treasurer RB Employer/Employee Benefits $61,171.33
Kiowa National Bank HSA Deposit Clearing $1,129.00
Lochurst Farms LLP Maint-Gravel $497.00
MASA MTS Elective Benefits $9.00
Mountain West Pest Admin-Weed Licensing $90.00
Petty Cash Fund Equip-Fuel/Oil/Diesel $41.56
PM & Sons Enterprises LLC Equip-Repairs $114.08
Ranchers Supply of Lamar Maint-General Supplies $1,100.00
Rush Truck Equip-Outside Repairs $4,669.94
SECPA Southeast Colorado Power $706.04
Sheridan Lake Water District Water $40.00
Town of Eads Eads Shop–Water $195.40
Town of Haswell Water $40.00
UniFirst Uniforms and Supplies $414.17
Visa Admin-Registrations $1,152.60
Wagner Equipment CO Oil, Repairs, Filters, Outside Repair $2,228.07

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