August Vouchers

By Administrator

September 28, 2022
The following vouchers were paid at the Regular Meetings held on August 11, 2022 & August 25, 2022 to be paid out of the 2022 Budget to wit:

Conservation Trust

Eads auto Supply Weed Spray $24.49
John Ellis Dow Lake Cleanup $150.00
Dalton McDowell Dow Lake Cleanup $150.00
JD Van Campen Dow Lake Cleanup $150.00
Allen Watts Dow Lake Cleanup $150.00

Fair Board

David Alberti Special Events Expense Bands $800.00
Amber Comber County Fair Judges $81.50
CPRA Rodeo Secretary County Fair-CPRA Rodeo $4,200.00
H&H Rodeo Company County Fair-CPRA Rodeo $11,250.00
Keep it Cold Rental Special Events Expense Beer Trailer $1,085.00
Kiowa County Administrator County Fair Start Up Cash $7,000.00
Cassandra Knight County Fair Banners $352.00
Gabriella Leone County Fair Judges $466.50
Arlin Lepp Special Events Expense Mutton Busting $500.00
Lucky Rooster Productions Special Events Expense $600.00
J W Mccustion Special Events Ranch Rodeo Team Roping $3,000.00
Randy Mcendree County Fair Judges $108.50
Les F Ohlhauser County Fair CPRA Rodeo $800.00
Plains Network Services INC County Fair Printing $40.50
S&D Music&Sound CPRA Rodeo $1,400.00
Salt River Rodeo Company R Bronc Riding $3,000.00
Carol Spady County Fair Judges $68.90
Visa Memorial Buckle $110.00
Cindy Williams County Fair Miscellaneous $370.00
Christina Wolf County Fair Judges $68.00

Social Services

Kiowa County Treasurer CG Employer/Employee Benefits $18,284.82

Public Health Agency Fund

Atmos Energy P/H–Gas $32.90
CDPHE Public Health Vital Statistics $102.00
Deloach’s Water Conditioning PH-Water $8.00
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone EPR Phones $56.36 Public Health Phones $112.71 $169.07
Girard National Bank HAS Payable $218.00
Great Plains Security PH Repairs $171.80
Kiowa County Treasurer PH Employer/Employee Benefits/Direct Deposit $9,276.54
Kris Stokke EPR $7,800.00
MASA Mts Elective Benefits $14.00
Sharon Mauch CMG Travel/Meeting $390.00
Pit stop Oil, LLC CMG Fuel $69.18
Prowers County CMG Office Rent $282.38
Prowers County Public Health Contract Labor, Covid, EPR Grant $21,191.05
S.E.C.P.A. PH/Nurse—Electric $202.53
Town of Eads Water $103.26
Unifirst Corporation Office Supply $51.30
Viaero Wireless CMG–Phone $81.79
Visa–Girard National Bank Office Supplies $44.56

County General

719 Supply LLC Bldg. Maint-Machine Repairs $516.94
Tina Adamson Events- Supplies Trailer $2,000.00
Amazon Capital Services Sheriff-Uniforms-Auto Repairs $160.18
American Tire Recycling LLC Waste Tires Shredded $16,750.00
Atmos Energy Natural Gas- Courthouse $47.72, Bransgrove Upstairs $30.45, Comm. Bldg $33.26, BBQ $30.00 $141.43
Avenu Treasurer & Assessor-Maint Contract $2,721.30
Bent County Sheriff Jail-prisoner $6,250.00
Bent County Sheriff 911-Contract Services $3,750.00
Andrea Buller Rent Bransgrove/Murdock Refund Deposit $250.00
Business Solutions Leasing Admin-Service Agreements $205.97
Leanna Collins Primary Recount Judge $100.00
Colorado Secretary of State Elections-Travel/Meetings Training $60.00
Colorado Natural Gas Recycling Utilities $29.22
Janelle Crow Primary Recount Judge $100.00
Crow’s Stop & Shop Eads Seniors-Group Meal $149.21; Healthy Choices-Food Vouchers $1418.75; Bldg. Main-Supplies $119.38 $1,687.34
District Attorney Salaries–$2446.34, Elected Official–$240.08; Operating Supplies–$376.33 $3,062.75
Eads Auto Supply Maintenance, Admin, Sheriff Repairs, Landfill, Recycling Supplies $969.54
Eads Chamber of Commerce Lujan Fair Breakfast Donation $250.00
Eads Consumer Supply Co. Rec Tires 462.37, Transit Fuel $501.15 $963.52
Eagle Engraving Sheriff Uniforms $47.95
East End Seniors Staff: Barbara Wilson $75.00
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Telephone/Internet Services $1,357.35
Express Toll Transit Tolls $6.65
Family Support Registry Garnishment Payable $702.86
Girard National Bank Debt Svc/Cars, Lease Payment, Loan Payment $346.93
Girard National Bank HSA $335.00
Goblins Inc. Admin-Service Agreements $125.56
Grainger BLDG Maint BBQ Repairs $566.12
Great Plains Security LLC Court Room Camera $450.00
J-D Works Sheriff-Auto Repairs/Tires $1,373.41
Kiowa County Hospital District Prisoner Dr $593.98
Kiowa County Treasurer Tax Lien Certificate $11.86
Kiowa County Treasurer CG Employer/Employee Benefits $108,654.98
Kiowa Drug UPS $17.28
KS State Bank, Gov’t Finance Dept. Capital Outlay LED Lighting $1,153.94
Legal Shield Elective Benefits $12.95
MARC Bldg Maint $849.32
MASA Mts Elective Benefits $166.00
MB Police Equipment Sheriff-Uniforms $530.22
Parker Mechanical LLC BLDG Maint $329.74
Petty Cash Fund Admin-Postage-Title-Vehicle Reg $37.32
Precision Pest Control Courthouse Annual $420.00
Precision Pest Control Quarterly Spraying $243.00
Prowers County Jail Jail-prisoner $2,650.00
Quill Corp Office Supplies $265.55
Kim Richards Primary Recount Judge $100.00
Riders Metal LLP Roll Off Lids $924.25
Road & Bridge Landfill Fuel $823.24.; Bldg. Maint Fuel $338.13; Recycling Fuel $426.19;BBQ Cooker $46.15 $1,633.71
Saffer Spray Service Inc. Bldg. Maint-Spray–Satellite $25.50
Saffer Spray Service Inc. Weed Killer $2,656.00
S.E.C.P.A. Utilities-Electric $5,692.89
SECOM Sheriff-Internet $182.08
Beth Spady Primary Recount Judge $100.00
State of Colorado DPA Accounting Clerk/Recorder-Postage/Freig MVR $107.96
Steerman Law Office County Attorney-Other Service $236.25
Thunderbird Petroleum Repairs $2,056.03
Town of Eads Seniors Water $92.33, Courthouse Water $1126.58; Murdock Bldg. $92.33; Museum $92.33 $1,403.57
Towner Recreation District Towner Seniors-Utilities $150.00
Trailer Solutions LLC Roll Off Dumpsters $65,870.00
Trailer Solutions LLC County Match/Roll Offs $6,400.00
Unifirst Maint Building Supplies $191.58; Maint. Uniforms $67.60, LF Uniforms $67.60; SR’s Supplies $47.03 $373.81
Viaero Sheriff Telephone $92.85
Viaero Maint Phone $129.82; DEM Phone $71.45; LF Phone $45.66 $246.93
VISA-GNB Office Supplies, Repairs, Travel/Meetings, Dues/Fees, Postage, etc. $3,722.80
West End Golden Seniors Haswell Seniors Utilities $300.00
WEX Bank Sheriff Auto Fuel $101.45
Wheatland Electric Cooperative Towner Streetlight $40.25, Emergency Siren $29.23 $69.48

Road & Bridge

4 Rivers Equipment-Fuel, Oil, Diesel $1,731.73
719 Supply LLC Filters, Supplies, Repairs, Fuel/Oil $674.26
ATMOS Energy Gas $29.56
Bill Barnett Maint-Gravel $76.25
Bill Barnett Maint-Gravel $150.50
Colorado Natural Gas Inc. Sheridan Lake Shop $77.80
Consolidated Communications Sheridan Lake Shop $49.82
Billie Cordova Admin-Rents/Leases $250.00
Division of Oil & Public Safety Tank Registration $70.00
Division of Reclamation Mining Maintenance Gravel Permits $649.00
Eads Auto Supply & Hardware Maintenance Supplies $2,506.35
Eads Consumer Supply Equipment-Fuel, Oil, Diesel $33,825.00
Eastern Slope Telephone Telephone, Eads Shop $40.69, Haswell Shop $41.55, Haswell Internet $43.00 $125.24
Girard National Bank HSA Payable $1,320.00
John Deere Credit Equip Payments $9,467.18
John Deere Financial Equipment–Repairs $569.43
Kiowa County Hospital District Admin–Physicals $69.00
Kiowa County Treasurer RB Employer/Employee Benefits $50,230.71
Lochurst Farms LLP Maintenance-Gravel $70.00
MASA MASA Payable $9.00
MHC Kenworth Equipment–Repairs $1,736.93
Petty Cash Fund Supplies $29.14
Procom LLC Admin–Physicals $153.00
Rockmount Research & Alloys Main–General Supplies $389.83
Schmidt, Carl & Freda Main–Gravel $84.00
SECPA Southeast Colorado Power $770.08
Sheridan Lake Water District Water $75.00
Thunderbird Petroleum Products Supplies $115.59
Town of Eads Water $207.40
Tractor Supply Credit Plan Maintenance-General Supplies $269.99
UniFirst Uniforms and Supplies $501.74
Visa Admin–Meeting/Travel $72.16
Wagner Equipment Equipment-Repairs/Filters/Outside Repairs $2,274.68


Social Services

During the regular meetings of the Kiowa County Board of Social Services held during August, 2022 the following bills were approved for payment.
General Operation $2,002.20
General Assistance $-
Personnel $3,512.81
Submitted by Dennis Pearson, Director, Kiowa County Department of Social Services.
/s/ Dennis Pearson
Delisa L. Weeks, County Clerk Donald Oswald, Chairman

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