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Cheyenne County Ledger July 2023

By Administrator

August 16, 2023
The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session the 24th and 31st day of July and the 9th day of August, 2023 with the following present:
Ronald R. Smith, Chairman Marcy Brossman, County Administrator  
Darin C. Dickey, Commissioner Allison Brown, Clerk to Board  
R. J. Jolly, Commissioner    
County General
Name For What Purpose Amount
Amanda L. Brown Professional Services 540.50
State of Colorado/DPA Accounting June Title Complete Cards 12.65
County Treasurer Assigned by:    
Jim Brown Hay 3,003.00
J R Oilfield Service LLC Hand Rail Fairgrounds 1,635.00
County Treasurer Assigned by:    
Kara Uhland Fair Prize Cash 625.00
Kiowa County Independent Fair Advertising 1,455.00
NKC Tires 825.00
Plains Heating & Air Conditioning Sheriff Office AC Repairs 554.00
Rfarmer LLC 2022 Audit 8,398.43
SE & EC Recycling Assn 3rd Quarter Pay 455.40
UniFirst Corp. Supplies 41.30
Viaero Wireless Sheriff Mobile Broadband 333.61
AFLAC Cancer Ins. 670.34
Becky Thompson Fair Judge 111.48
Black Hills Energy Natural Gas 434.31
Cody Cavanaugh Fair Entertainment 7,000.00
Cory Wall County Fair Rodeo Manager 2,000.00
CenturyLink Phone 1,720.74
State of Colorado/DPA Accounting July Renewals 147.44
County Health Pool Health Ins. 40,655.02
Core Distinction Group LLC Lodging Study 7,500.00
Town of Cheyenne Wells Water 850.45
David Crossland Fair Judge 175.00
Emily Golding Fair Judge 40.00
E-470 Public Highway Authority Toll Fee 4.60
East Central COG 3rd Quarter Pay 2,500.00
County Treasurer Withholding Taxes 27,476.34
First National Bank of Omaha Meals, Lodging & Supplies 626.09
Gayla Dowen Fair Judge 92.92
Justin Golding Fair Judge 40.00
County Treasurer Assigned by:    
Jesse Simpkins Fair Carnival 1,827.50
Krystal Eikenberg Fair Judge 100.00
Kansas Payment Center Garnishment 391.00
Kit Carson County June Dispatch Fees 2,119.71
Kent Electric Fairgrounds 2,895.08
Kiowa County Independent Semi Annual Treas. Publishing 157.50
Linda Yoder Fair Judge 100.90
Mark P. Galli Boots 57.29
Marlena Griesse Fair Judge 60.00
Michelle Nelson Fair Judge 135.44
Michelle Robbins Fair Judge 202.80
Perry Brewer Fair Judge 138.22
Phil’s Grill VIP Meals 8,250.00
Prowers County Sheriff June Housing 3,900.00
Quill LLC Clerk Supplies 343.76
Becky Bogenhagen Fair Judges Meals 460.50
Rich’s Electric Fairgrounds 2,345.29
Scott Stinnett Fair Judge 40.00
Tawni Combs Fair Judge 110.40
Tiana Garcia Fair Judge 60.00
Tori Hawks Fair Judge 225.00
Trent Hollister Fair Judge 550.00
Tearle Lessenden Fair Judge 100.00
Trey Pearce Fair Judge 40.00
Travis Taylor Fair Judge 40.00
Trail Inn Motel Lodging 2,105.00
U S Identification Manual Renewal 86.54
Verizon Wireless Phones 326.09
VFW Flag 60.00
Westphal & Associates Contract 630.00
Addison Engelbrecht Premiums 43.00
C & K Oil Inc. Fuel & Repairs 2,253.84
Cheyenne Wells Lumber Fence Supplies 7,786.79
Darlene Nestor Premiums 38.00
District Attorney August Salaries & Expense 3,494.34
Petersen Smith Hardware Supplies 746.25
Cheyenne Wells Grocery Fair Meals 9,351.48
J R Oilfield Service LLC Repairs 30.53
John Deere Financial Repairs 1,160.14
Kenzie Brossman Premiums 38.00
Kendra Palmer Premiums 109.00
Kit Carson Chamber of Commerce Kit Carson Day Contribution 2,500.00
KC Electric Assn Electricity 4,871.17
Kwik Korner Liquor VIP Tent 1,427.41
Marcy Brossman Premiums 86.00
Marla Hadachek Premiums 37.00
Makayla Brossman Premiums 34.00
Perry Brewer (Computer Services) July Contract 960.00
Postmaster Arapahoe Clerk Postage 420.00
Postmaster Kit Carson Clerk Postage 486.00
Postmaster Wild Horse Clerk Postage 486.00
Prairie Mountain Media Fair Advertising 2,247.00
Prowers County Sheriff July Housing 3,350.00
Quill LLC Assessor Supplies 453.57
Raymond Palmer Premiums 53.00
Rebeltec Communications LLC Internet 1,093.89
Red’s Auto Parts Repairs 11.54
Rich’s Electric Bldg. Repairs 168.00
Ricoh USA Inc. Contracts 200.81
Samantha Engelbrecht Premiums 30.00
Sherry Jones Premiums 48.00
Colorado Secretary of State Registration 40.00
T & B Sanitation LLC Trash Service 1,336.50
Trinity Engelbrecht Premiums 38.00
County Treasurer Assigned by:    
County Treasurer Fair Cash Premiums 817.00
U U’s Wash Tub Tokens 100.00
WEX Bank Fuel 2,194.72
Wildcat Drilling & Supply LLC Supplies 222.43
Williamson Lowery Fredregill Ltd. July Legal 214.50
Road & Bridge Dist. #1,2,3
Rfarmer LLC 2022 Audit 8,398.45
UniFirst Corp. Supplies 101.03
Wendt & Sons Oilfield Service LLC Repairs 520.00
Arapahoe Water Co. Water 284.00
Black Hills Energy Natural Gas 72.57
Creed Brown Contract Labor 177.45
CenturyLink Phone 66.53
County Health Pool Health Ins. 11,979.65
County Treasurer Withholding Taxes 17,553.81
First National Bank of Omaha Postage 24.39
Kansas Payment Center Garnishment 200.00
Verizon Wireless Phones 118.12
AFLAC Cancer Ins. 1,060.76
C & K Oil Inc. Fuel & Repairs 18,159.31
Colorado Natural Gas Inc. Natural Gas 30.26
Cheyenne Wells Lumber Supplies 302.84
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Phone 50.72
Peterson Smith Hardware Supplies 8.68
Cheyenne Wells Grocery Supplies 91.90
J R Oilfield Service LLC Repairs 235.19
John Deere Financial Repairs 171.73
KC Electric Assn Electricity 475.83
KICT LLC Annual Gravel Pit Landowner Dues 1,980.00
Kugler Chemicals 13,978.75
Mark and Jacqueline Ackerman Annual Gravel Pit Landowner Dues 1,788.00
Rebeltec Communications LLC Internet 209.85
Red’s Auto Parts Repairs 648.42
T & B Sanitation LLC Trash Service 60.00
Wagner Equipment Co. Grader 315,000.00
Wagner Equipment Co. Repairs 1,619.51
WEX Bank Fuel 407.00
Wildcat Drilling & Supply LLC Supplies 210.50
Rfarmer LLC 2022 Audit 182.58
CenturyLink Phone 66.53
First National Bank of Omaha Renewals, Meals & Supplies 803.27
County Treasurer Withholdings 872.60
Black Hills Energy Natural Gas 21.50
Airgas USA LLC Oxygen 347.64
C & K Oil Inc. Fuel 112.10
Colorado Natural Gas Inc. Natural Gas 30.26
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Assn Phone 41.12
Keefe Memorial Hospital July Ambulance Billing Services 700.00
Cheyenne Wells Grocery Meeting Expense 27.20
KC Electric Assn Electricity 195.23
Rebeltec Communications LLC Internet 80.00
T & B Sanitation LLC Trash Service 16.50
WEX Bank Fuel 103.58
Rfarmer LLC 2022 Audit 182.58
Cheyenne County Fees 1,000.00
County Health Pool Health Ins. 1,618.57
County Treasurer Withholding Tax 1,861.14
First National Bank of Omaha Meals, Lodging & Renewals 1,196.71
Verizon Wireless Phones 63.85
Gobin’s Inc. Contract 45.40
WEX Bank Fuel 55.14
Public Health    
Rfarmer LLC 2022 Audit 730.30
AFLAC Cancer Ins. 512.24
CenturyLink Phones 218.81
Colo. Dept. of Public Health & Environment June Birth & Death Records 55.00
Community Growth Alliance CTC Expense 90.00
County Health Pool Health Ins. 5,953.81
County Treasurer Withholding Taxes 3,342.83
First National Bank of Omaha Meals, Supplies & Renewals 703.00
Kit Carson Rural Development July Rent 140.00
Ricoh USA Inc. Contract 41.77
Sanofi Pasteur Inc. Vaccine 2,993.42
E-470 Public Highway Authority Toll Fee 26.90
Petersen Smith Hardware Supplies 59.94
Human Services    
The following amount reflects Cheyenne County's share of the Human Services expenses for the month of July 2023:
SALARIES   $28,116.24
Human Services Expenditures
Cheyenne County Treasurer Withholdings $5,276.55
County Health Pool Employee Insurance Premiums $4,003.98
Verizon Wireless Admin–Eligibility Cell Phone $180.34
CenturyLink Admin Phone Service $252.04
First National Bank of Omaha Admin/Child Welfare/Support–Meals, Lodging, & Office Supplies $152.14
Cheyenne County Treasurer Office Rent $1,121.05
Axiom HR Solutions Admin–Month User Fee $62.70
First National Bank of Omaha Admin-Meals/Lodging, CW-meals/supplies, CMP-Client Ass. $521.92
Sharon Mauch Client Assistant $180.00
Jennifer Gribble Mileage $99.56
Rebeltec Communications LLC Internet Services $89.95
Kyle & Kendra Turner Back to School Night- Kit Carson School $2,000.00
Phil's Grill Back to School Night- CW School $1,700.00
Kit Carson School District Gift Card Reimbursement $600.00
US Postal Service Annual PO Box Fee $94.00
Rfarmer, llc County Audit Report Year Ending $182.58
Cheyenne County Public Health Copy Machine Uses $494.47
Cheyenne County Treasurer Jeep Mileage $98.91
CHSDA Admin-Membership Dues $926.00
Koy Dingboom, LLC Legal Fees $2,840.05
Crowley County Family Engagement Services $7,000.00
Sharon Mauch CMP $240.00
There being no further business the Board adjourned until August 18th, August 31st and September 8th, 2023 unless called by the Chairman.
I, Allison Brown, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true and complete copy of the Commissioners expenditures of Cheyenne County, Colorado except for salary warrants which are not published pursuant to C.R.S. 30-25-111 amended, as of record in this office.
Allison Brown, Clerk to Board


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