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Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Assoc., Inc. Public Notice

By Administrator

November 8, 2023

Phone and Internet Discounts available to Members

Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Assoc., Inc. provides the following basic telecommunications services throughout its designated service area:

  • Single-party voice-grade service with connectivity to the public switched network;
  • Local exchange service including local usage free of per-minute charges;
  • Dual tone multi-frequency signaling;
  • Access to emergency services;
  • Access to operator services;
  • Access to interexchange service;
  • Access to directory assistance;
  • Toll blocking, 900 and 976 number blocking.

Basic services are offered at the following rates:

  • Single-party residence service $22.25/mo*
  • Single-party business service $23.20/mo*
  • Customer Line Charge-single line (exchange access) $6.50/mo
  • Customer Line Charge – multi-line business charge (exchange access) $9.20/mo

*The above rates do not include charges for long distance, operator services, Directory Assistance, 911 emergency services, or other state, federal and/or local taxes and fees.

Discounts are available to members who qualify for participation in Lifeline telephone assistance programs. Eastern Slope also participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) which would provide eligible members a monthly discount of $30 on their internet services. For information concerning these programs, and other discounts that we offer please visit or call our Business Office 719-743-2441.

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