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Notice to the Taxpayers and Citizens of Cheyenne County

By Administrator

January 26, 2024

Due to the current labor shortage, the elected commissioners of Cheyenne County will do fill in and extra duty in emergency situations on county road and bridge equipment, such as operating equipment in the plowing of snow and the rescuing of stranded motorists as well as allowing the staging of equipment on their private property in more logistically convenient locations to help in getting roads open as soon as possible after a storm.

It has been pointed out that this can look bad due to the perception that commissioners may be using county equipment for their own needs.

After discussion on the issue, the commissioners have decided to continue the practice, but are placing notices in several places to inform the public that these pieces of equipment are not being used for the personal benefit of the commissioners, but are actually attempting to avoid said equipment being parked during a snow removal event due to a labor shortage.

Hopefully this explanation clarifies the situation and assuages any fears of malfeasance by your commissioners.

Board of County Commissioners

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