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Town of Eads Regular Council Meeting

By Administrator

May 31, 2024

April 9, 2024

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Joe Shields at 5:02 P.M. Roll call was taken by Mikahael. Those council members present are Kathy McCracken, Dennis Pearson, Fred Derby, Tuck Liebl and Mayor Joe Shields. Those members absent are Justin McLoud and Stephanie Sewell. Town clerk, Robin Fox is also absent. The Town of Eads Attorney, Lance Clark, is in attendance. Sylvia Shield was present to take minutes.

Community members present are Betsy Barnett, Claire Prince, Kemma Alfonso and Sheriff Bryan Williams,

The meeting began with Sheriff Bryan Williams discussing the need for an ordinance to control four wheelers and golf carts. According to CRS 33-14.5-108 off highway vehicle operation is prohibited on streets, roads and highways. It was noted there have been a number of complaints about these vehicles on the streets of Eads. This issue has been discussed before with no action taken. Sheriff Williams, as an officer of the law and concerned with safety issues, would like to see the council approve an ordinance that will deal with this matter. The council discussed these issues realizing Eads is a small community and certain exceptions should be made. However, any vehicle should have a licensed driver and follow all traffic laws. All off highway vehicles were discussed including four wheelers, side by sides, golf carts, farm implements and others designated as off highway vehicles. The council approved Sheriff Williams to begin issuing warnings to those not licensed or not following traffic laws. Attorney Lance Clark will create an ordinance with the approval of the council and Sheriff Williams. The ordinance, after it is approved, will be published in the local newspaper. Sheriff Williams also mentioned the problem of unregistered and inoperable vehicles parked along the streets. According to traffic codes, these vehicles can be towed at the expense of the owner.


The minutes of the March 12, 2024, Town of Eads meeting were approved with corrections. Kathy McCraken made the motion and Dennis Pearson seconded the motion. All Aye.


The bills were reviewed by the finance committee and a motion was made by Kathy to approve the bills with a second by Tuck. All Aye


A discussion was held concerning the land lease Roger Saffer has on the ground by the airport. The attorney has been looking at the lease and stated it is unique for a business to be run on airport property. Engineers looked at the distance from the airport and no building can be within 250 feet of the runway. The council would have to approve the location of a new building. There were several monetary amounts suggested. The council agreed it would be difficult to put a value on the lease but agreed it should not be changed dramatically. Lance will draft a new lease and present it to the council for their approval.

Van spoke about the chip seal project for the town. He asked about the road behind Dollar General, but the council said to shut Leave as is and make it an access for utilities. There are taxpayers that still have dirt roads. Van said the county has enough to help with the project and he has not yet decided which roads will be done. The company supplying the oil will be here approximately the last week of July.

The Town needs to work on fundraising. Any suggestions need to be submitted to Robin. The council needs to investigate getting a loan, at no interest or low interest, depending on the impact from the county. The GOCO grant will need an extension. It was suggested reaching out to Corothers for some possible monetary connections.

The theater and café property, owned by the town, is leased by CLCEC for a very miniscule amount. CLCEC has subleased the café for $6000 per year, The suggestion to sell the theater property was met with the curt comment, go ahead. After discussion, the council agreed the theater is a benefit to the community and should be supported. The council offered to give part of that property to the library, but the offer was rejected. CLCEC has plans to remodel the north side of the building to make room for the library using the DOLA grant they were given. The design plans need to be completed by the end of April. The plans and contact documents will be given to the town and its attorney by Monday the 10 th of April. The bank is willing to cover any extra amount per Betsy. Kemma would like to invite the commissioners. the town council, the library board and CLCEC to meet to discuss the library. The council is willing to attend this meeting. Kathy made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Tuck made the second. All Aye.

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