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Cheyenne County May 2024 Ledger

By Administrator

June 14, 2024
The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session the 20th and 31st days of May and the 10th day of June, 2024 with the following present:
Ronald R. Smith, Chairman Marcy Brossman, County Administrator
Darin C. Dickey, Commissioner Allison Brown, Clerk to Board
R. J. Jolly, Commissioner    
Angel Barrera Supplies 41.95
Academy Sports Turf Inc. CW School Track Project 159074.32
CenturyLink Extension Phone 105.92
Division of Oil & Public Safety Merry Go Round Fee 630
Elkins-Swyers Company Inc. Ballots 740.67
James P. Hunsicker Uniforms 184.47
Kit Carson County April 20% Dispatch Fee 390.71
Midwest Radar & Equipment Radar Certification 205
Plains Network Services Inc. Supplies 192.05
The Silver Bead VIP Tent Mug Stickers 392
Tri-Tech Forensics Inc. Supplies 248.82
Von Klien Stein Working Dogs Handler Certification 2500
Williamson Lowery Fredregill Ltd. April Legal 90
Colorado Assessor’s Assn Registration 400
AFLAC Cancer Ins. 1007.37
Brittney Hill-Fishler Fair Supplies 79.56
Black Hills Energy Natural Gas 445.31
CenturyLink Phone 1857.64
County Health Pool Health Ins. 32896.5
DISA Global Solutions Inc. Testing 133.5
E-470 Public Highway Authority Toll Fee 3.75
County Treasurer Withholding Taxes 24904.14
First National Bank of Omaha Lodging, Meals, Supplies, etc. 8251.64
Keefe Memorial Hospital Medical 446
JCG Technologies Inc. Contract 475
Kansas Payment Center Garnishment 391
Linn County Printing Fair Books 2468.98
North Winds Surveys Landfill Surveying 450
Perry Brewer (Computer Services) May Contract 960
Verizon Wireless Phones 236.07
Viaero Wireless Mobile Broadband 331.35
C & K Oil Inc. Fuel & Repairs 2715.71
Town of Cheyenne Wells Water 798.74
Cheyenne Wells Lumber Repairs 1893.08
District Attorney June Salaries & Exp. 3507.75
Division of Narva Enterprises AED Expense 245
Petersen Smith Hardware Supplies 111.18
Cheyenne Wells Grocery Meeting Expense 271.77
John Deere Financial Repairs 479.96
K C Electric Assn Electricity 3117.93
Lyssa Yanoviak Reimbursement 221.8
Rebeltec Communications LLC Internet 1099.87
Red’s Auto Parts Repairs 344.29
Ricoh USA Inc. Contracts 252.04
T & B Sanitation LLC Trash Service 343.5
Uline Cabinet 1001.76
UniFirst Corp. Supplies 41.8
Wagner Equipment Co. Repairs 4332.33
WEX Bank Fuel 1687.43
ROAD & BRIDGE DIST. #1, 2, 3
Overhead Door of NW Kansas Door Repairs 1750
Williamson Lowery Fredregill Ltd. April Legal 234
Barry Boswell Supplies 78.82
Black Hills Energy Natural Gas 170.54
CenturyLink Phone 72.25
County Health Pool Health Ins. 17089.53
Family Support Registry Garnishment 719.7
County Treasurer Withholding Taxes 12670.28
First National Bank of Omaha Gravel Pit Fee 331.03
Kansas Payment Center Garnishment 161
Verizon Wireless Phone & Charges 317.71
AFLAC Cancer Ins. 1085.53
C & K Oil Inc. Fuel, Tires & Repairs 13972.07
Colorado Natural Gas Inc. Natural Gas 30.3
Cheyenne Wells Lumber Supplies 2459.47
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Assn Phone 48.5
Cheyenne Wells Grocery Water 93.9
John Deere Financial Repairs & DEF 1012.18
K C Electric Assn Electricity 334.42
Morgan County Signs LLC Dist. 1 Pit Sign 67.87
Rebeltec Communications LLC Internet 209.85
Red’s Auto Parts Supplies & Repairs 1388.42
T & B Sanitation LLC Trash Service 65
UniFirst Corp. Supplies 102.26
Wagner Equipment Co. Repairs 1336.17
WEX Bank Fuel 654.67
Wildcat Drilling & Supply Repairs & Supplies 813.54
Kugler Chemicals 29680.08
Daniel Electric Inc. Pavilion Upgrades 23308
Equalized Productions LLC Pavilion Speakers 12612
Airgas USA LLC Oxygen 778.09
Black Hills Energy Natural Gas 36.4
Colorado Department of Revenue Garnishment 270.74
CenturyLink Phone 72.25
County Treasurer Withholdings 527
First National Bank of Omaha Renewals, Supplies & Fuel 326.59
Verizon Wireless Phone 48.8
C & K Oil Inc. Fuel 215.58
Colorado Natural Gas Inc. Natural Gas 46.97
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Assn Phone 41.42
K C Electric Assn Electricity 225.76
T & B Sanitation LLC Trash Service 18.5
WEX Bank Fuel 137.35
Cheyenne County Fees 1000
County Health Pool Health Ins. 1756.92
County Treasurer Withholding Taxes 1838.7
First National Bank of Omaha Meals, Subscriptions, Conference 3529.86
Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband 75.23
Agate FPD Reimbursement 363.82
Apex Paramedics Reimbursement 250
Bobby Allen Reimbursement 250
Blake Fishbaugh Reimbursement 785.68
Christian Malcolm Consultative Visit 3801
Christopher Pangburn Reimbursement 250
Ethan Baylor Reimbursement 250
Ginger Flynn Reimbursement 663.82
Gobin’s Inc. Contract 36.53
Jeremiah Ahrens Contract 2024
Jason Clowe Reimbursement 300
Keriann Josh Consultative Visit 3463.72
Kimberly Whitten-Chung Reimbursement 574.92
Kim Schallenberger Bonus 20000
Lake George FPD Reimbursement 399.19
Limon Ambulance Service Reimbursement 910.88
Limon Public School Services 400
Maureen Bradley Reimbursement 431.91
Marci Dowis Consultative Visit 3645.6
SW Teller EMTs Reimbursement 1841.46
Troy Cowden Reimbursement 250
Theodore Rowan Consultative Visit 4214.55
Trenton Taylor Contract 555
Ute Pass Regional HSD Reimbursement 2757.92
WEX Bank Fuel 342.84
Cheyenne Wells Grocery Meals 26.76
Merck Sharp & Dohme LLC Vaccine 2181.05
Natalie Framel May Incentive 100
Robert Framel May Incentive 100
Ricoh USA Inc. Contract 34.8
Tracey Weeks May Incentive 100
AFLAC Cancer Ins. 512.24
CenturyLink Phone 235.76
Cheyenne County School Dist. RE5 CTC Promotion 400
County Health Pool Health Ins. 10311.57
County Treasurer Withholding Taxes 2943.48
First National Bank of Omaha Subscriptions, Gift Cards, etc. 1912.58
Colo. Dept. of Public Health & Environment April Birth Certificates 6
E3 Diagnostics Inc. Equipment Service 239
Postmaster Box Rent 100
The following amount reflects Cheyenne County's share of the Human Services expenses for the month of MAY 2024:
SALARIES   $18,918.19
AFLAC Insurance $583.94
Cheyenne County Treasurer Withholdings $5,091.98
County Health Pool Employee Insurance Premiums $6,975.01
First National Bank of Omaha Admin-Meals/Lodging, CW-meals/supplies, CMP-Client Ass. $881.87
Verizon Wireless Admin–Eligibility Cell Phone $237.78
CenturyLink Admin Phone Service $221.63
Cheyenne County Treasurer Office Rent $1,320.09
Logan County DHS Child Care Tasks $59.14
Koy Dingboom LLC Attorney Fees $948.00
Lincoln County Supervision CW & APS $1,000.00
Rebeltec Communications LLC Internet Services $89.95
Axiom HR Solutions Admin- Monthly User Fee $62.70
Crowley County DHS CMP Funding $1,085.50
Shannon Hill Child Welfare Meal Reimbursement $48.99
Sharon Mauch CMP Funding $108.75
Thomson Reuters Online/software Subscription Charges $202.86
There being no further business the Board adjourned until June 20th and 28th and July 9th, 2024 unless called by the Chairman.
I, Allison Brown, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true and complete copy of the Commissioners expenditures of Cheyenne County, Colorado except for salary warrants which are not published pursuant to C.R.S. 30-25-111 amended, as of record in this office.
Allison Brown, Clerk to Board

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