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Kiowa County April 2024 Vouchers

By Administrator

July 4, 2024
The following vouchers were paid at the Regular Meetings held on April 11, 2024 & April 25, 2024 to be paid out of 2024 Budget to with:
American Legion-Post 125 Historical Grant $44,019.79
Colorado Assn of Fairs & Shows Dues $75.00
Mountain State Ranch Rodeo MSRR Sanction Fee $500.00
Visa Sound System Equipment $1,688.75
Kiowa County Treasurer Employer/Employee Benefits $18,730.15
Manhatten Life Elective Benefits $385.80
Manhatten Life Elective Benefits $385.80
Atmos Energy P/H–Gas $49.53
Colorado State Treasurer Unemployment: CMG, PH 1st Qtr $29.16
Deloach's Water Conditioning Water $10.00
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone PH, Grant: Telephones $156.93
Kiowa County Treasurer PH Employer/Employee Benefits/Direct Deposit $9,530.09
Kiowa County Indepenent Yearly Subscription $52.00
GN Bank H.S.A. $259.00
Manhatten life Elective Benefits $326.94
Manhatten life Elective Benefits $326.94
MASA Mts Elective Benefits $14.00
Mauch, Sharon CMG: IOG Stipend $495.00
Mauch, Sharon CMG:IOG Stipend $585.00
Pitstop Oil, LLC CMG: Fuel $53.53
Prowers County PH: Kiowa PH, Covid ELCR2, #3, #4, EPR Grant $4,294.25
S.E.C.P.A. PH: Electric $109.37
Town of Eads PH: Water $100.82
Unifirst Corporation Office Supply $112.54
Viaero Wireless CMG–Phone $176.85
Visa–Girard National Bank CMG: Office Supplies, Printing, Meetings, Postage $1,918.31
719 Metal Works LLC Building Repairs $121.12
719 Supply LLC Bldg Maint: Vehicle Maint; T-Van: Vehicle Maint $169.90
Agritech Consulting Econ Dev: E & W Towner Consulting $862.40
Amazon Capital Services Sheriff: Small Equipment $86.20
American Environmental Consulting Landfill: Consulting $5,586.00
Arrowhead Forensics Sheriff: Small Equipment $177.19
Artistic Custom Badges Surcharge–Uniforms $2,374.50
Atmos Energy Natural Gas: Courthouse, Bransgrove Upstairs, Old Senior Bldg, BBQ, Comm. Bldg $477.99
Avenu Treasurer & Assessor Contract $41.43
Avenu Treasurer & Assessor Contract $2,803.56
Bent County Sheriff Sheriff Dispatch $5,000.00
Business Solutions Leasing Service Agreement $179.97
CDFE Landfill: User Fees $1,385.30
Colorado Dept of Revenue Garnishment $456.93
Colorado Natural Gas Utilites: Recycling Shop $126.42
Colorado State Treasurer Unemployment $341.54
Crow's Stop & Shop Healthy Choice, Meetings, Srs Meal, Maint Supplies $3,562.74
CSU Extension Extension: 1st Qtr 2024 $9,403.10
Dinkel Gas Company, LLC Utilites: Towner Srs Propane $600.00
District Attorney Salaries, Elected Official, Operating Supplies $2,901.67
Eads Auto Supply Bldg Supplies, Comm Bldg, Bldg Repairs, Welder, Fairgrounds, LF Equipment, LF Repairs $3,324.44
Eads Consumer Supply Maint Supplies, Fuel, Recycling, T-Van Fuel $1,186.82
East End Seniors Staff: Barbara Wilson $75.00
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Telephone/Internet Services $1,358.23
Engelhardt, David Small Equipment Reimbursement $67.42
Express Toll Sheriff: Misc, Unit 17 $17.70
Family Support Registry Admin: Garnishment $585.00
GN Bank DSS Van–Lease Payment $453.91
GN Bank H.S.A. Payable $720.00
Gobin's Inc. Admin -Service Agreement $100.60
Guzman, Carlos County Truck $8,750.00
Hes Elevator Service INC Repairs: Courthouse Elevator $1,887.00
Kiowa County Hospital District Landfill: Pre-Employment Physical $26.00
Kiowa County Hospital District Jail: Prisoner Meds $30.90
Kiowa County Independent T-Van: Advertising, Veteran: Advertising $182.00
Kiowa County Treasurer CG Employer/Employee Benefits $128,609.82
Kiowa County Hospital Sheriff: Training Tests $26.00
Kiowa Drug Treasurer: Office Supplies $18.46
Legal Shield Elective Benefits $12.95
Lenning, Michael Commissioners Travel: February $150.00
Manhatten Life Elective Benefits $1,903.86
Manhatten Life Elective Benefits $1,903.86
MASA Mts Elective Benefits $604.00
Oswald, Donald Commissioners Travel: February $251.25
Plains Heating & Air Conditioning Capital Outlay: Mini-Splits $17,476.00
Procom LLC Landfill: Pre-Employment Testing $45.00
Psychological Resources Sheriff: Testing $150.00
Ranahan Electric Sheriff: Impound Lot; Bldg Maint: Wiring $9,223.65
Robertson, Howard Commissioners Travel: March $138.75
S&K Fuel and Repair Sheriff: Unit 91 Oil Change $123.64
Saffer Spray Service Bldg Maint: Chemicals $594.00
Schneider Geospatial LLC Assessor: Capital Outlay $8,621.71
S.E.C.P.A. Utilities-Electric $5,057.39
S.E.C.P.A. New Service $2,487.50
Sheridan Lake Water Development: Impact Projects $40,000.00
Skaggs Companies INC Sheriff: Uniforms $180.00
State Industrial Products Bldg Maint: Supplies $1,312.05
State of Colorado-DPA Clerk/Recorder Postage $138.90
Terry's Body Shop Sheriff: Van Repairs $277.50
Thunderbird Petroleum Prod. Sheriff: Auto Fuel $47.58
Town of Eads Murdock Eads Srs, Courthouse, Murdock NPS, Old Sr Bldg $469.14
Towner Recreation District Towner: Srs Utilities $150.00
UniFirst Bldg Supplies, Maint. Uniforms, Eads Sr. Janitorial $471.51
U.S. Dept of the Treasury Garnishment $437.47
U.S. Postal Service Emergency Mgt: Box Rent $84.00
Viaero-Wireless Sheriff: Telephone $293.58
Viaero Wireless Landfill, Maint, DEM Telephone $252.47
VISA-GNB Office Supplies, Repairs, Travel/Meetings, Dues/Fees, Election Supplies, Fuel, Uniforms, Postage, etc. $2,191.76
West End Golden Seniors Haswell: Utilities $300.00
West End Golden Seniors Supplies $61.04
WEX Bank Sheriff: Auto Fuel $2,726.06
Wheatland Electric Cooperative Towner: Streetlight & Siren $100.98
4 Rivers Equipment Repairs, Freight $4,560.54
719 Supply LLC Supplies, Repairs, Equip Capital Outlay $2,521.20
719 Supply LLC Equipment: Repairs $360.53
ACE Tire Service LLC Tires $3,375.00
ATMOS Energy Utility: Ead's Shop Gas $101.23
Bruckner Truck Sales Outside Repairs $4,115.01
Colorado Natural Gas Inc. Sheridan Lake Shop $321.14
Colorado State Treasurer Admin: Unemployment 1st Qtr 2024 $153.03
Commodity Credit Corporation Wycoff Gravel Measurement $124.00
Consolidated Communications Admin: SL Shop Phone $59.50
Cordova Shed: Billie Cordova Rent $250.00
Eads Auto Supply & Hardware Supplies, Repairs, Tools, Oil, TV Tower Repair $1,199.87
Eastern Slope Telephone Phone: Eads, Haswell Shop, Haswell Internet $124.24
GN Bank H.S.A $1,202.00
John Deere Credit Equip Payments $7,359.74
John Deere Financial Equipment: Parts $897.06
Kiowa County Hospital Admin Physicals: DOT Labs $26.00
Kiowa County Treasurer RB Employer/Employee Benefits $40,236.38
Kopp, Brian Winshields Repaired $2,256.76
Manhatten Life Elective Benefits $313.87
Manhatten Life Elective Benefits $313.87
MHC Kenworth Repairs: Parts $82.14
National Signs Co Signs, Shipping $4,505.59
Northern Tool & Equipment CO Admin: Yearly Fees $39.99
Procom LLC Physicals: DOT Pre-Employment $55.00
Quill Corp Office Supplies $433.13
RTH Farms LLC Maintenance Gravel $544.00
S&K Fuel and Repair Equipment: Parts, Tires $269.24
SECPA Shop Electricity $796.04
Sheridan Lake Water District Water: SL Shop $75.00
Spady, Rick Manhattan Life Reimbursement $57.50
Standy-By-Power Service INC Admin: SL DTR Tower Repair $2,292.70
Town of Eads Eads Shop–Water $258.78
Town of Haswell Haswell Shop–Water $40.00
UniFirst Uniforms, Supplies $290.39
VISA Retirement Dinner $595.05
Wagner Equipment CO Parts $268.41


Social Services
During the regular meetings of the Kiowa County Board of Social Services held during April 2024, the following bills were approved for payment.
General Operation $1,227.92
General Assistance $-
Personnel $3,570,42
Submitted by Dennis Pearson, Director, Kiowa County Dept of Social Services.
Delisa L. Weeks, County Clerk Donald Oswald, Chairman

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