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Official Commissioner's Minutes August 11, 2016

September 6, 2016
The Regular Kiowa County Commissioners meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m. on August 11, 2016; by Chairman Richard Scott. Oswald led with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Those present were:
Richard Scott, Chairman
Cindy McLoud, Commissioner
Donald Oswald, Commissioner
Delisa Weeks, County Clerk
Tina Adamson, County Administrator
Audience: Dennis Pearson and Audrey Johnson
Scott moved and McLoud seconded to approve the minutes of the July 28, 2016 meeting. All Commissioners voted Affirmative.
McLoud moved and Oswald seconded the motion to approve the vouchers as presented. All Commissioners voted Affirmative.
Oswald moved and McLoud seconded to approve the Agenda as amended with two additions. All Commissioners voted Affirmative. The two additions to New Business were – 1- Road and Bridge 2- Gravel Pit Contracts.
DSS Report: DSS Director Dennis Pearson and Audrey Johnson, Child Welfare and Adult Caseworker entered the meeting asking for consideration to give Kim Paugh, Eligibility Caseworker an increase in pay, due to the extra responsibility she will need to have to become a Supervisor in the CBMS Computer system. Johnson explained that she had been overseeing the project but did not have time and refuses to do it anymore. Johnson went onto explain she felt since Paugh was going to be a supervisor she should be compensated for that position. Paughs’ position and responsibilities for the supervisory piece was discussed further. Scott said he is not willing to give a pay raise at this time. He said he felt Paugh was aware of what she was coming into when she was hired. Johnson said the position advertised did not require her to be a supervisor, but now it is going to be needed in order for people on food assistance to be processed correctly. Johnson discussed further possibilities as to who could be a qualified supervisor. McLoud also agreed with Scott that she did not support the idea of a pay raise at this time, as there were other county employees who too deserved to be paid more because of their experience or education. She said the county made a policy to start new full time employees at $12.56 per hour. Scott said if Paugh isn’t going to do it then it would be up to Pearson to become qualified. Pearson said they would have to explore the options. McLoud said she hoped Paugh wouldn’t be too upset as the county has excellent benefits and is close to home. 
Johnson thanked the board and exited the meeting.
Pearson provided information on the Work Number Program. Oswald moved and McLoud seconded the motion to approve the Work Number Program. This program will be able to verify employment and benefits for eligibility for DSS. The cost of the program is $33.18 per year. All Commissioners voted Affirmative.
Dan Richards entered meeting at 9:35 a.m. to discuss the Arkansas Basin Roundtable Meeting he had attended. Richards said there will be changes in the Fort Lyon Exchange coming within the next 6 months. He said he will be attending more of these meetings and would report back to the commissioners. 
Old Business: Ted Lanzano will be the new EPA Field Manager for the Brownsfield Project. Josh Crochet of Gobbell Hays and the contractor From North Star will be at the August 25th commissioner’s meeting. Their contractor was the only one to place a bid of $217,000 and reported they will have the Rialto demolished and hauled off in a ten day timeframe. Adamson will contact CDPHE and request a permit for the asbestos from the Rialto to be disposed of at the Eads Landfill. The bid and incidentals will fall within the grant awarded from the Brownsfields. Oswald moved and Scott seconded the motion to accept the proposal for the scope of work and the fees on the Rialto Hotel. All Commissioners voted Affirmative. Gobbell Hays will oversee the complete Rialto Motel Project.
McLoud reported she had been in contact with DOLA Regional Manager, Lee Merkle in regards to the REDI Grant. He asked if the County could find the other $8,000.00 needed for this grant from another line item in the budget. McLoud will work on this grant process and will discuss further at a later date.
Event Update: Oswald suggested that the County suspend advertisement for an Event Planner for 2016 and begin again in 2017. He said if the County could find a group that would put events together and not have it designated to one person may work better. After lengthy discussion Adamson asked if she could possibly work on a couple of events and the commissioners agreed that would be fine. Adamson said she hopes to have something for Veteran’s Day in November and possibly an Oktoberfest in October. 
Adamson presented the minutes of the public meeting for the Fire District.
She will be providing these minutes to the newspapers. Adamson will meet with the petitioners to see what they would like to do as far as promoting the fire district.
John Higgins, Landfill Operator entered the meeting at 11:30 a.m. to discuss the process  of checking people in to the landfill so the county will be able to give better estimates of quantities and types of waste at the landfills.  The State has so many guidelines the County must follow in order to have the landfills to remain open. The public needs to be aware that ELECTRONICS are not to be thrown in the landfill. Higgins will be sent to training that the State will provide, so he will be more aware of the items that can or cannot be put in the landfill.
Oswald moved and McLoud seconded to break for lunch at12:02 pm..  All Commissioners voted Affirmative. The meeting reconvened at 1:05 p.m.
The commissioners presented two “Top Banana” awards. They presented them to Tina Adamson for her dedicated hours for the fire district and the many hours she works to make sure the county runs smoothly in its’ daily activities and to Krissy Ray for the many hours she provides planning employee incentive meals and yearly get- togethers and the hours she works in the Human Resources/Payroll Department.
Pricilla Waggoner with the Kiowa County Independent entered the meeting to discuss the possibility of having a designated Official Program for the 2016 Kiowa County Fair.
This official program will have stories from the past cowboy days, to how the fair was in the early years to the present and it will have a description of the different projects one can show for the fair. Oswald moved and McLoud seconded to endorse the TRUE WEST- the official program guide to the 2016 Kiowa County Fair. All Commissioners voted Affirmative. These programs will be sold in other businesses throughout southeast Colorado. Waggoner thanked the board for their time and exited the meeting.
Adamson reported the chloride level at Shalberg’s Pond is too high.  Also the sulfates were high but that is common for our area. The Department of Wildlife is still waiting on more results. Adamson will contact Van Brown, Eads Town Manager to see if he would test the water at Shalberg’s Pond if we don’t get the remaining results from DOW soon.
Oswald had checked the civil defense siren at Haswell and it is working
Upcoming meetings were discussed.   Reports were reviewed and signed.
New Business:
One time off request was presented. Scott moved and Oswald seconded the motion to accept the time off request. All Commissioners voted Affirmative.
CCI SWOTS Survey was discussed. It showed the results and discussion followed. No action was taken at the time.
KCEDF Housing Letter of Support had been approved in the July 28th meeting and the signatures required were signed today, August 11, 2016.
Adamson presented information on the audit that had been completed. She said there was some confusion between her and the auditor on some paperwork filings, but has since gotten the correct information where it needed to go.
The SECED (Southeast Colorado Economic Development) Brochure was reviewed. Scott said he would like to see the Towner Bus Tragedy to be added to the brochure. McLoud moved to support the SECED brochure and Oswald seconded the motion.  All Commissioners voted Affirmative.
Belinda Zink, the Architect for the Murdock Project called for a phone conference with the commissioners in regards to the budget on the Murdock Project.  Zink doesn’t think we will have to change the budget for the Murdock project. Oswald moved to accept the bid from White Construction for $1,487,000.00. McLoud seconded the motion. All Commissioners voted Affirmative. Scott said the County will send a letter to White Construction on the acceptance of their bid.
Employment Policy: Possible practices for drug and alcohol abuse were discussed. CTSI states we will provide a drug free program. Discussion followed as who will pay for a drug and alcohol program. Adamson will speak with CTSI for more clarification.
Road and Bridge: Laning Peterson called in concern over the burn scar area where the county had dug up due to the fire. He said he would like to see grass planted near the burn scar area.  Foreman Howard said he thought we should spread manure in the burn scar. The cost for this will go under road and bridge.
Gravel Pit: Adamson prepared a letter for the gravel pit land owners and made clarification of fees. These letters will be forwarded on to the land owners.
Complaint:  Scott moved to delay action upon the complaint until the September 29, 2016. Oswald seconded the motion. All Commissioners voted Affirmtive.
Oswald moved and McLoud seconded to adjourn the meeting at 3:05 p.m. All Commissioners voted Affirmative.

__________________________________   __________________________________
Delisa L. Weeks, County Clerk                     Richard Scott, Chairman of Board

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