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Bid Request

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Kiowa County Hospital District (KCHD) is asking for bids to put in a sprinkler system at the hospital duplex located on 210 W. 12th Street, Eads, CO.

Kiowa County 2023 Annual Salary

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PURSUANT TO CRS 30-25-111, et. seq., the following is a list of Annual Salaries paid by Kiowa County Board of County Commissioners for the year ending December 31, 2023, as follows to-wit:
HOUSE BILL 07-1187, Salary information for all county employees and officials shall be published twice annually. The second publication shall be in February and shall list each employee by title, along with the total amount of gross salary paid to such employee during the prior calendar year.
Equipment Operator 14592.77 Health / H.S.A. 470795
Equipment Operator 15794.52 Life 975.96
Equipment Operator 31035.55 Retirement 42012.1
Equipment Operator 41313.54 FICA 86157.88
Equipment Operator 38218.31   599940.94
Equipment Operator 24061.31    
Equipment Operator 13166.76    
Equipment Operator 39659.17    
Road Foreman–District 1 47633.96    
Road Foreman–District 3 47942.5    
Administrator 47258.56    
Admin Assistant 19301.56    
Admin Assistant 3546.24    
Finance Officer 31369.7    
Fair Manager 3183.25    
Commissioner–Dist 1 35824.92    
Commissioner–District 2 39159.48    
Commissioner–District 3 35824.92    
Coroner 10443.96    
Treasurer Elect 46070.04    
Public Trustee 1143.25    
Treasurer Deputy 29501.52    
Assessor 46070.04    
Assessor Deputy 30469.81    
Clerk & Recorder 46070.04    
Clerk Deputy 18981.55    
Clerk Deputy 31168.02    
Clerk Deputy 8250.86    
Veteran’s Office Assistant 13124.96    
Sheriff 53961.96    
Undersheriff 1235.52    
Undersheriff 58729.65    
Sergeant 61499.94    
Deputy Sheriff 15703.15    
Deputy Sheriff 25657.69    
Sheriff Office Deputy 30051.79    
Courthouse Security Officer 32439.53    
Courthouse Security Officer 7124.62    
Emergency Mgt. Coordinator 34324.29    
Maintenance Supervisor 42440.04    
Maintenance Technician 35460.04    
Groundskeeper (part-time) 3982.5    
Landfill Manager 44532    
Landfill Operator 36628.71    
Senior Citizens Coordinator 6150    
Haswell Sr. Coordinator (part-time) 2750    
Haswell Sr. Coordinator (part-time) 3500    
Transit Van Driver (part-time) 10746.73    
Transit Van Driver (part-time) 1590.24    
Transit Van Driver (part-time) 2523.19    
Extension Administrative Assistant 30851.48    
Extension Salaries 35340    
District Attorney Salaries and Fringes 29538    
Public Health Office Manager 32816.87    
CMG Coordinator 59700.84    
    State County
    Share Share
Child & Adult Protection Worker 24665.64 20965.79 3699.85
Eligibility Technician 20668.38 17568.12 3100.26
Office Manager 30010.87 25509.24 4501.63
Eligibility Technician 12032.58 10227.69 1804.89
Child & Adult Protection /Lead Worker 54516.35 46338.9 8177.45
Social Service Director 67225.8 57141.93 10083.87
    177751.68 31367.94
GRAND TOTAL $1,718,579.47    
The countywide average percentage of salary that is paid in addition to regular wages as fringe benefits is 35%. Fringe benefits include health and life insurance, retirement, and employer’s share of FICA. 85% of Social Services salaries are reimbursed by federal/state to the county. No fringes are paid on Extension Agents by the county. District Attorney’s office fringes are paid to the office of the District Attorney and are included in their salaries.
The above report is published under the direction of the Board of Kiowa County Commissioners.
Christina M. Adamson, County Administrator Published: 04/17/2023

Notice to Creditors

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Estate of Mark W. Hogan, Deceased
Case Number 2024PR30005

Public Notice and Notice of Public Hearing for Post-Award Hearing

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The Prowers County – SECED, Inc., Single-Family Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program will conduct a public hearing at 1:30 p.m. on April 25, 2024 at the Kiowa County Courthouse, County Commissioners Meeting, 1305 Goff Street, Eads, CO.

Cheyenne County March 2024 Ledger

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The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session the 27th day of March and the 9th day of April, 2024 with the following present:
Ronald R. Smith, Chairman Marcy Brossman, County Administrator  
Darin C. Dickey, Commissioner Allison Brown, Clerk to Board  
R. J. Jolly, Commissioner    
Alisiauna Torres Mileage 33.5
AFLAC Cancer Ins. 997.45
Black Hills Energy Natural Gas 709.83
Curt Connelley Canvass Judge 60
CenturyLink Phone 1901.63
Colorado Assn of Fairs & Shows Dues 75
County Health Pool Health Ins. 35925.28
Debra Turner Canvass Judge 60
Derek’s LP Service LLC Propane 243.2
DISA Global Solutions Inc. Testing 133.5
Dominion Voting Programming 2485.26
County Treasurer Withholding Taxes 21548.24
First National Bank of Omaha Postage, Renewals, Election Checks, Supplies 751.46
Keefe Memorial Hospital Medical 345
Jason Dechant Audit Judge 30
Kansas Payment Center Garnishment 391
Kit Carson County February 20% Dispatch Expenses 8971.34
Marshall & Swift/Boeckh LLC Books 681.2
North Winds Surveys Landfill Surveying 550
Plains Heating & Air Conditioning Repairs 463.38
Postmaster Postage Permit 320
Prowers County Sheriff January – February Housing 8750
Quill LLC Supplies 181.94
Ronald R. Smith Mileage 234.5
Synergy Sports Cheyenne Wells School Track Project 17000
Cheyenne County Treasurer Direct Deposit Fees 14.61
UniFirst Corp. Supplies 41.8
Vicki Allen Audit Judge 30
Verizon Wireless Phones 236.55
Viaero Wireless Mobile Broadband 337.23
Watchpoint Surveillance Inc. Election Camera 50% 765.98
Watchpoint Surveillance Inc. Courthouse Camera Updates 50% 3778.5
Watermark Plumbing Co. Telephone Museum Repairs 1035
Zoli Vajda Television Productions LLC Fair & Rodeo Video Production 2550
American Environmental Consulting LLC Landfill Engineering 380.63
Apex Software Software 520
Blattner Feedlot Construction Inc. Fairgrounds Pen Material 177.45
C & K Oil Inc. Fuel & Repairs 2514.55
Colleen Palmer Model Traffic Code January-March 90
Cheyenne County 1st Quarter Mileage 306.19
Cheyenne County Clerk Title & Tags 2024 Tahoe 13.03
State of Colorado/DPA Accounting April Renewals 141.65
Colo. Dept. of Public Health & Environment 1st Quarter Fees 377.29
Colorado State University 1st Quarter Fees 9278.1
Town of Cheyenne Wells Water 515
Cheyenne Wells Lumber Repairs 1303.71
District Attorney April Salaries & Expense 3507.75
E-470 Public Highway Authority Toll Fees 31.15
First National Bank of Omaha Sheriff Supplies, Renewals & Meals 1230.1
Petersen Smith Hardware Inc. Supplies 202.33
James D. Kliesen Meals 59.86
James Lengel Wind Screens 1045.3
K C Electric Assn Electricity 3829.26
Kemp’s Well Service Repairs 233.64
Kent Electric Labor 125
Perry Brewer (Computer Services) Monthly Contract & Supplies 1111.41
Plainsman Printing & Supply Supplies 429.39
Rebeltec Communications LLC Internet 1099.87
Red’s Auto Parts Mower Repairs 10.5
Ricoh USA Inc. Contracts 213.27
T & B Sanitation LLC Trash Service 343.5
Cheyenne County Treasurer Direct Deposit Fee 6.52
Westphal & Associates Contract 630
WEX Bank Fuel 767.4
Wildcat Drilling & Supply Repairs 30.36
Cheyenne County Treasurer Wire Fee 20
ROAD & BRIDGE DIST. #1, 2, 3
A & S Construction Crushed RAP Material 116032.5
AFLAC Cancer Ins. 993.66
Black Hills Energy Natural Gas 453.25
CenturyLink Phone 72.55
County Health Pool Health Ins. 17261.5
Corporate Billing LLC Repairs 140.57
Derek’s LP Service LLC Propane 1824.15
Digitcom Electronics Radio 675.55
DISA Global Solutions Inc. Testing 235
Family Support Registry Garnishment 719.7
County Treasurer Withholding Taxes 12842.51
First National Bank of Omaha Gravel Pit Fees 331.03
J R Oilfield Service LLC Repairs & Oxygen 902.72
Kansas Payment Center Garnishment 200
Kimball Midwest Supplies 319.36
Morgan County Signs LLC Gravel Pit Sign 67.87
Red’s Auto Glass LLC Repairs 610
UniFirst Corp. Supplies 102.26
Verizon Wireless Phone 86.01
Alexander Fire Care Fire Extinguisher Service 362
C & K Oil Inc. Tires, Fuel & Repairs 7111.6
Colorado Natural Gas Inc. Natural Gas 476.07
Cheyenne Wells Lumber Supplies 1455.45
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Assn Phone 47.66
Cheyenne Wells Grocery Supplies 138.26
J R Oilfield Service LLC Repairs 1367.6
John Deere Financial Grease 201.3
J & S Contractors Supply Co. Blades 6240
K C Electric Assn Electricity 406.48
Rebeltec Communications LLC Internet 209.85
Red’s Auto Parts Repairs & Supplies 1435.85
T & B Sanitation Trash Service 65
Wagner Equipment Co. Repairs & Oil 6096.35
WEX Bank Fuel 637.39
Wildcat Drilling & Supply LLC Repairs & Supplies 1181.69
Vince’s GM Center 2024 Tahoe 53550
Airgas USA LLC Oxygen & Lease 1509.14
Black Hills Energy Natural Gas 110.54
Colorado Department of Revenue Garnishment 277.42
CenturyLink Phone 72.55
County Treasurer Withholding Taxes 477.54
The Gap Meeting Exp. 199
Trenton Davis EMT Fee 104
Verizon Wireless Phone 48.81
C & K Oil Inc. Diesel 146.42
Colorado Natural Gas Inc. Natural Gas 338.91
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Assn Phone 41.42
First National Bank of Omaha Renewals & Supplies 320.96
Cheyenne Wells Grocery Supplies 10.59
K C Electric Assn Electricity 287.95
Rebeltec Communications LLC Internet 80
T & B Sanitation LLC Trash Service 18.5
WEX Bank Fuel 75.58
Cheyenne County Fees 1000
County Health Pool Health Ins. 1756.92
County Treasurer Withholding Taxes 1838.7
First National Bank of Omaha Lodging, Meals & Renewals 2836.77
Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband 75.26
Cheyenne County Designated Funds 14243.13
Gobins Inc. Contract 14.59
Holiday Inn Express Lodging 3750
Jeremiah Ahrens Contract 2024
Trenton Taylor Contract 555
WEX Bank Fuel 464.56
AFLAC Cancer Ins. 512.24
CenturyLink Phone 219.39
Cheyenne County 2024 Rent 3105
County Health Pool Health Ins. 7021.47
County Treasurer Withholding Taxes 2914.22
Merck Sharpe & Dohme LLC Vaccine 940.53
Ricoh USA Inc. Contract 34.8
Cheyenne County 1st Quarter Mileage 69.01
CLIA Laboratory Program User Fees 248
Creative Product Source Inc. Supplies 223.93
First National Bank of Omaha Renewals & Supplies 321.85
Cheyenne Wells Grocery Supplies 21.37
Katie’s Corner CTC Recruitment 200
Natalie Framel March CTC Incentive 100
Robert Framel March CTC Incentive 100
Tracey Weeks March CTC Incentive 100
The following amount reflects Cheyenne County's share of the Human Services expenses for the month of March, 2024:
SALARIES   $41,620.40
Stella Worley Vehicle Purchase-CMP $5,000.00
Shawna Schneider Foster Care $734.34
County Health Pool Employee Insurance Premiums $6,975.01
CenturyLink Admin Phone Service $282.10
Cheyenne County Treasurer Office Rent $3,960.19
Koy Dingboom LLC Attorney Fees $1,911.69
Axiom HR Solutions Admin–Month User Fee $62.70
CWRA Youth Sports Funding-CMP $9,200.00
Logan County DHS Child Care Tasks $52.30
Rebeltec Internet Services $179.90
Cheyenne Wells Grocery Grocery Items $26.76
Kit Carson School CMP-Flight & Conference Reimbursement $4,364.76
McKenzie Stewart CMP Funding-Meals, Taxis, Incidentals, etc $600.00
Sharon Mauch CMP Funding $225.00
Amy Seymour Safe Home Study $1,413.64
Verizon Wireless Admin–Eligibility Cell Phone $224.11
Cheyenne Wells Elementary Child Welfare Food Service $30.75
Cheyenne County Treasurer Withholdings $4,937.73
First National Bank of Omaha Admin/Child Welfare/Support–Meals, Lodging, & Office Supplies $681.28
AFLAC Insurance $633.94
First National Bank of Omaha Admin-Meals/Lodging, CW-meals/supplies, CMP-Client Assist $124.20
There being no further business the Board adjourned until April 30th and May 9th, 2024 unless called by the Chairman.
I, Allison Brown, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true and complete copy of the Commissioners expenditures of Cheyenne County, Colorado except for salary warrants which are not published pursuant to C.R.S. 30-25-111 amended, as of record in this office.
Allison Brown, Clerk to Board    

Combined Notice - Mailing CRS §38-38-103 Foreclosure Sale No. 24-01

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To Whom It May Concern: This Notice is given with regard to the following described Deed of Trust:


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To avoid paying Penalty Interest, please pay the Total Tax Due on or before:

Social Services

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During the regular meetings of the Kiowa County Board of Social Services held during February 8, 2024, the following bills were approved for payment.

Public Notice and Notice of Public Hearing for Post-Award Hearing

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The Prowers County – SECED, Inc., Single-Family Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program will conduct a public hearing at 1:30 p.m. on April 25, 2024 at the Kiowa County Courthouse, County Commissioners Meeting, 1305 Goff Street, Eads, CO.

Birth Announcement: Grayson Scott Thatcher

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Jennifer Thatcher of Loveland, Colorado is proud to announce the birth of her son, GRAYSON SCOTT THATCHER. He was born on February 13, 2024 in Fort Collins, Colorado at 1:06 pm, weighing 9 lbs.

Kiowa County December 2023 Vouchers

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Kiowa County February 2024 Vouchers

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Note to Prospective Jurors in Kiowa County

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The jury trial set to begin April 15, 2024, in Kiowa County Court has been vacated. If you received a summons for that date you can disregard, you do not need to appear.


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The Cheyenne County Clerk’s Office will be closed all day April 19, 2024 for staff training.

Record of Proceedings

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The Regular meeting of the Kiowa County Commissioners was called to order on March 14, 2024 at 9:00 a.m. by Chairman Donald Oswald.

Notice to Creditors

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Estate of John Edward Thomas, Jr, aka Eddie Thomas, Jr., aka Eddie Thomas, Deceased
Case Number 2024PR30002