SPIRIT COLLECTIVE: Giving During the Holidays

By Jordan Barnett

December 27, 2017

Discover the joy of giving, and you will discover the reason for living. – Mark Victor Hanson

It is the season of joy and giving, and as many of us know—very few things make the soul feel better than giving a gift that brings joy or makes a positive impact. Growing up in this special community, I have first hand knowledge of the generosity of our townspeople. The kind souls who make up this community are hard working, proud, and ever ready to step up when a neighbor is in need.

Throughout the last few years I have become acutely aware of the many public charities that have had an impact on my life, and those of my family and friends. I have seen the grateful hearts of those on the receiving end of this generosity. And I have also experienced the overwhelming happiness that comes with donating time, money, or effort on behalf of a cause that one is so passionate about. Whether you love animals (like me), your community, or pray for a cure to a disease that has affected a loved one, there is a way to give back! I encourage each of our readers to find a cause that excites their being and give whatever they can, by whatever means they may.

The following ten public charities are special to me because I have been affected by, or involved with each. In fact, I am sure most of you have, or know someone, who has been affected by the goodwill of these charitable causes, and many of those not listed. I hope this list serves as a reminder that our local foundations are always in need of volunteers, and generally, a charitable donation to a certified non-profit foundation or a religious organization allows the individual a tax deduction! Merry Christmas!

1. Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center (Eads, CO)
2. Kiowa County Recreation Districts (Kiowa County, CO)
3. Your Place of Worship – United Methodist Church, First Baptist Church, First Christian Church, Praise Community Church, Sheridan Lake Bible Church, Haswell United Methodist, Towner United Methodist, Sheridan Lake Bible Parsonage, Chivington Friends Church
4. Salvation Army (Eads, CO)
5. Colorado Special Olympics – SE Region (Colorado Springs, CO)
6. Ronald McDonald House (Colorado Springs, CO)
7. Make a Wish Foundation (Greenwood Village, CO)
8. I Have a Dream Foundation (Denver, CO)
9. Dumb Friends League/Boulder Humane Society (Denver/Boulder, CO)
10. Wild Animal Sanctuary (Keensburg, CO)

One easy way to gift your favorite non-profit is to use your amazon.com account. The smile.amazon.com page will allow you to choose your favorite designated charity or non-profit. Then every time you make a purchase amazon will donate a small percentage above your purchase to your designated group. This helps your money work overtime and helps your local groups flourish.

And, one last note, as you and your children celebrate the holiday season take time to help them learn to give, as well. There are plenty of ways young children can make a habit of giving towards groups doing good work. Studies show that children who learn to be caring and giving are more successful in life overall.

As the Grinch quickly learned, the Holiday is not about the material things in life; but, rather about the spirit of love, caring, and giving. Consider growing that heart of yours during this wonderful holiday season.

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