USA Triathlon Free Combine

Written by Betsy Barnett on . Posted in Sports

On August 17 at Cheyenne Mountain High School, USA Triathlon will be hosting a FREE triathlon combine which is targeting runners and swimmers in the state. What is a combine? These are short time trials in swim (100 meters in a pool) and run (1600 meters on a track) for any female 12-18 years of age with an interest in the opportunity to be recruited in the sport of triathlon. No experience in the sport? No problem. Most of the current NCAA programs are recruiting single discipline athletes for their teams and coaching them in the sport that has them excelling in a very short time frame.

This triathlon combine is the first of its kind in the state of Colorado.

USA Triathlon's NCAA program is thriving. With 30 current programs, institutions are finding triathlon is a great addition to their varsity sport's menu. In an effort to support recruitment needs, USAT has established these junior high/high school combines. Our focus is to expose young women to the sport and help our institutions with recruitment. Note, in some cases, athletes can compete for institutions in swimming, track and cross country while doing triathlon depending on the interests and needs the school might have in filling voids in swimming and running.

Gary Weston, long time track and field and cross country coach at Liberty High School in Colorado Springs will be leading this effort for us. USAT is helping to provide the support he needs for this to be a successful venture.