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  • Nash Wins the Shot Put at Kearney Holiday Classic; Qualifies for Nationals

Nash Wins the Shot Put at Kearney Holiday Classic; Qualifies for Nationals

By Betsy Barnett

December 14, 2016
     It hasn’t been easy street for Hastings College sophomore shot put athlete Eboni Nash in her first year as a Division II track athlete as the Eads High School alumni stand-out tore her labrum, rotator cuff, and partially tore the bicep.  This usually career-ending injury occurred on November 16 of last year at the beginning of her freshman track year.  Nash worked through the pain throughout the indoor and outdoor seasons and even qualified for the national meet in May.  Her freshman year complete, she had surgery on the shoulder on May 31st.  While home in Eads for the summer Nash worked through rehab every day and continued her routine into this school year.  She began practicing the shot a month ago and also was released to start lifting.   

     The sophomore traveled with her team to the first indoor track meet of the season at the University of Kearney and promptly threw a meet-winning 45’ 11.”  This throw was not only good enough to win a large indoor college meet, but also qualified Nash for nationals in Jackson City, TN in May 2017.  Nearly 46-foot throw was her all-time best effort and it was done while she was coming off of a major surgery.

     Nash says she’s looking forward to throwing healthy this year, something she has yet to experience in the college ranks.  She recognizes that without her mother by her side and the Eads and Hastings physical therapists working with her she never would have managed to recover.  She also notes that her teammates have been amazing, and the support around her was the reason for her success.

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