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  • Crawford & Wyatt Continue Dominate Scramble Golf Scene in Eads
Weston Meardon from Eads was named the Eads Golf Club Champ on Saturday.

Crawford & Wyatt Continue Dominate Scramble Golf Scene in Eads

By Betsy Barnett

September 21, 2022

The Eads Golf Course was the place to be over the week as high drama ensued on Saturday and Sunday during the final two tournaments of the golf season in the region. On Saturday, the Eads Golf Club hosted their annual Two-Man Scramble Tournament with 24 teams competing. Then Sunday culminated the season with the annual Eads Golf Club Tournament that highlights the local members in an individual tournament.

The two-man scramble team of Gail Crawford and Ryan Wyatt are hard to beat, and it isn’t very often that they aren’t on top of the Championship Flight for most any scramble tournament. Saturday was no exception as Crawford and Wyatt scorched the front nine coming in with a -5 under 31 and two strokes off the second-placed team. Their back nine was not as impressive but they managed to eek out the win by one stroke over their nearest competitor. Their -8 under 64 was the winning score in this year’s final scramble tournament.

In second place was Phil Dieterle and Keith Wollert who put the pressure on Crawford and Wyatt all day but came up one stroke short. Their 33 on the front nine was just too much to overcome, but they tried as the duo chalked up a -4 under 32 on the back nine. Their -7 under 65 was just short of getting the winners. There was a tie for third place in the Championship flight between the team of Brian Bohlander and Trey Eder from Eads and Colin Leake and Declan Leake of Cheraw. Both teams were one back of second place with a -6 under par 66. The Bohlander/Eder team would win the playoff and get the money.

The First Flight was also a competitive flight with another team from Eads, Tom Richards and Larry Gifford winning the top prize with a -3 under 69 on the day. The twosome used a scorching 33 on the back nine to gain the advantage.

Second place went to Marvin Bohlander and Colby Christie from Springfield who were one stroke back with a -2 under par 70 finish. Tying for third place and a chance for the final payout in the First Flight were the teams of Kyle Barnett and Randy Holmen of Eads and Zeb Bailey and Tom Head from Limon. The Barnett/Holmen team came through for the money in the playoff. Both teams finished two strokes off the leader with -1 under par 71 on the day.

The Second Flight was won by the Eads team of Randy Bohlander and Justin McLoud who came in with a +1 over 73 on the day. That score was three shots better than their closest competitor in the Second Flight. Three teams were tied for second and third place in the final flight including the Kit Carson team of Michael Buchanan and Dusty Batterton, the Eads team of Jay Haase and Joe Haase, and the Kit Carson team of Robert Framel and son Brennan Framel. All three teams came in with +4 over par 76 in the 18 holes of golf.

After the playoff the Haase team grabbed the second-place money and the Framel team settled for third place.

This particular scramble tournament also includes a number of hole prizes. Those winners included: Closest to the Pin on the Second Shot on #8/#17 – Phil Dieterle (27”); Longest Putt on #9/#18 – Robert Framel (26’ 3”); Longest Putt on #4/#13 – Mike Crawford (24’ 11”); Closest to the Pin on #6/#15 – Larry Gifford (42”); Closest to the Pin on #3/#12 – Randy Sniff (15’ .5”).

Sunday morning dawned beautiful for the final show down of the season called the Club Tournament by locals. This tournament is an individual competition for just the members of the Eads Golf Club. Nearly 40 golfers came together for this finale.

The 2022 Eads Golf Club Champ was Weston Meardon of Eads coming in scratch score of +1 over 73 on the day but with his 5 handicap he came through with the win registering -4 under 68. Meardon used a scorching back nine score of -2 under 34 to put the pressure on the other Championship Flight golfers.

Coming in second place in the Championship Flight was Tom Richards from Eads who carried a 2 handicap into the tournament. Richards also had a strong back-nine round of -1 under 35 coming in with a tournament score of an even par 72. In third place was Neil Richardson from Eads coming in with a scratch score of +8 over 80 and using a 3 handicap to register a +5 over 77.

The First Flight was won by Marty Barnett of Eads who shot two rounds of 42 and used a 1 handicap to score the win with an 83 in the 18 holes. In second place was Brent Frazee from Wiley using a 3 handicap and shooting a final score of 84, one stroke off of Barnett. The third and final place was won by Lonnie Eder from Eads by using a 3 handicap and finishing with an 85.

The Second Flight was won by Marvin Bohlander from Springfield who used a 2 handicap to score an 84. In a tie for second place was John Christie, also with a 2-handicap scoring one back with an 85. Curt Connelley from Kit Carson tied for second place with Christie also with an 85 using a 2 handicap.

This 2022 golf season has been quite successful as the golfers have enjoyed great weather, phenomenal course conditions and an upsurge in people who are interested in the sport. Future plans will feature the Women’s Club Tournament next weekend; and perhaps starting a youth program in the near future. In addition, a local service group has indicated they would like to hold a charity golf event next spring as the 2023 golf season begins.

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