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The Eads girls 4x100 Meter Relay won the championship at the League Meet in McClave. Members include (l to r) Bailey Sierra, Reese Barnett, Aubrey Mitchek, Peyton Eder.
Braylynn Eder

Eads Boys & Girls Win Annual JH League Track Meet

By Betsy Barnett

May 10, 2023

The junior high league track meet was held in McClave on a pleasant spring day that included sun and little wind. That set the scene for some excellent performances from the athletes from Eads, McClave, Granada, Cheraw Cheyenne Wells, and Wiley. Kit Carson, part of the Hi-Plains League, was scheduled to attend a different track meet in Tribune.

The Eads Girls’ and Boys’ teams won the team championships at the League Track Meet with the hosts, McClave, getting runner-up in both the Girls’ and Boys’ division.

Eads head coach Stephanie Bohlander said of the double championship, “It’s been a while since both boys’ and girls’ teams have won League at the same time, so it really was an awesome ending to a very successful season. For the boys, every teammate had to step up and score, and they did that as all of them scraped needed points together to get it done. And for the girls, this was a whole team effort too.”

The Girls’ League Championship represented a clean sweep for the Eads girls as they were undefeated and won the league tournament championships in both Volleyball and Basketball, as well. Bohlander proudly stated, “I’ve never seen a year where the girls won all three seasons, so this year was a very special one.”

The JH Track & Field season is now over as school is winding down. Bohlander thanked her assistant coaches Trey Eder and Duff Haase both who have positively shared their tremendous knowledge with these young athletes who are just learning how to compete.

Coach Bohlander closed by recognizing the strong 8th Grade class who were leaders all year in the various athletic arenas, “We had great 8th-grade leadership all season. Those kids were the rocks and the younger athletes needed to be able to find success by following their example. The younger classes really are talented, but it was the ability and willingness to put everything out there every day by the 8th graders that makes this whole group special.”

Girls JH Individual Results – League Track Meet at McClave

  • Girls Discus: 1st–Anna Wollert – Eads, 89’; 2nd–Kennedy Gyurman – Eads; 3rd–Daisy Medina – Granada; 4th–McKenzie Mapes – Wiley; 5th–Kynlee Dechant – Wiley; 6th–Lacie Kraft – Eads; 7th–Kinsley Williams – Granada; 8th–Maddie VanDyke–McClave
  • Girls High Jump: 1st–Carlin Weber – McClave, 4’4”; 2nd–Shayla Sigala – Granada; 3rd–Bristol Fulton – CW; 4th–Bristol Barratt – Cheraw; 5th–Rhyelin Harper – McClave; 6th–Aspen Nelson – Eads; 7th–Ava Cahill – Cheraw; 8th–Emily Marquez–Cheraw
  • Girls Triple Jump: 1st–Addison Vallejos – McClave, 31’10”; 2nd–Camryn Coleman – Granada; 3rd–Aspen Nelson – Eads; 4th–Savanna Brown – Eads; 5th–Bristol Fulton – CW; 6th–Bristol Barratt – Cheraw; 7th–Bailey Scheler – CW; 8th–Addison Courkamp–Eads
  • Girls Shot Put: 1st–Anna Wollert – Eads, 36’3.5” ; 2nd–Maddie VanDyke – McClave;     3rd–Kennedy Gyurman – Eads; 4th–Kinsley Williams – Granada; 5th–Kallie Ball – CW; 6th–Sage Cole – Wiley; 7th–Lacie Kraft – Eads; 8th–Daisy Medina–Granada
  • Girls Long Jump: 1st–Jordynn Turcotte – Eads, 13’2.5”; 2nd–Reese Barnett – Eads; 3rd–Rylee Wycoff – Cheraw; 4th–Dayzriana Quintana – Granada; 5th–Trystan White – Cheraw; 6th–Myla Oquist – McClave; 7th–Yesenia Almanza – McClave; 8th–Hailey Burt–Plainview
  • Girls Medley Run: 1st–McClave 2:07.45; 2nd – Granada; 3rd – Eads; 4th – Cheraw; 5th – CW; 6th–Wiley
  • Girls 100m Hurdles: 1st–Peyton Eder – Eads, 17.80; 2nd–Bailey Scheler – CW; 3rd–Alexa Weber – Wiley; 4th–Shayla Sigala – Granada; 5th–Bristol Barratt – Cheraw; 6th–Carlin Weber – McClave; 7th–Emri Neugebauer – Granada; 8th–Addison Courkamp–Eads
  • Girls 100m Dash: 1st–Avery Hemphil – McClave, 13.35; 2nd–Reese Barnett – Eads; 3rd–Jordynn Turcotte – Eads; 4th–Rylee Wycoff – Cheraw; 5th–Jacee Kravig – Wiley; 6th–Eliana Armijo – Granada; 7th – Summer Raines – Granada; 8th–Myla Oquist–McClave
  • Girls 800m Relay: 1st – Eads, 2:01.00; 2nd – McClave; 3rd – Wiley; 4th – CW; 5th – Cheraw; 6th–Granada
  • Girls 1600m Run: 1st–Mila Macia – Wiley, 6:57.10; 2nd–Bristol Fulton – CW; 3rd - Autumn Sena – McClave; 4th–Itzi Ramirez – Eads; 5th–Bella Rodriquez – CW; 6th–Tylee Collins – McClave; 7th–Izzy Aragon – CW; 8th–Giana Gibbs–Eads
  • Girls 400m Relay: 1st – Eads, 56.25; 2nd – McClave; 3rd – Wiley; 4th – CW; 5th – Granada; 6th – Plainview; 7th–Cheraw
  • Girls 400m Dash: 1st–Addison Vallejos, 1:07.50; 2nd–Leila Pizarro – Granada; 3rd–Kate Enriquez – Plainview; 4th–Lexie Lubbers – Wiley; 5th–Aspen Nelson – Eads; 6th–Bailey Sierra – Eads; 7th–Lylah Reinhardt – Wiley; 8th–Tegan Wood–CW
  • Girls 800m Run: 1st–Bristol Barratt – Cheraw, 2:47. 94: 2nd–Brooklyn Gerstner – CW; 3rd–Bailey Scheler – CW; 4th–Leila Pizarro – Granada; 5th–Savanna Brown – Eads; 6th–Mila Macias – Wiley; 7th–Kennedy Gyurman – Eads; 8th–Emma Wollert–Eads
  • Girls 200m Dash: 1st–Peyton Eder – Eads, 29.18; 2nd–Avery Hemphill – McClave; 3rd–Jacee Kravig – Wiley; 4th–Kate Enriquez – Plainview; 5th–Maci Collins – McClave; 6th–Mackenzie Trumble – Wiley; 7th–Aspen Nelson – Eads; 8th–Tinley Leake–Cheraw
  • Girls 1600m Relay: 1st – Eads, 4:48.15; 2nd – McClave; 3rd – Cheraw; 4th – Granada; 5th–CW

Boys JH Individual Results – League Track Meet at McClave

  • Boys Shot Put: 1st–Kielan Mallard – McClave, 37’7”; 2nd–Gabe Hadley – Eads; 3rd–Kelby Smith – CW; 4th–Gabriel Mendez – Granada; 5th–Jayson Bletzacker – Eads; 6th–Oscar Salgado – Wiley; 7th–Tucker Wallace – Eads; 8th–Caleb Bryant–Cheraw
  • Boys Long Jump: 1st–Anthony Paez – Eads, 16’8.5”; 2nd–Ashton Burkhart – Wiley; 3rd–Grant Mauch – Wiley; 4th–Daryon Campbell – CW; 5th–Josiah Stum – Plainview; 6th–Trevin Smith – CW; 7th–Drew Howe – McClave; 8th–Gaige Rittgers–Eads
  • Boys Discus: 1st–Gabe Hadley – Eads, 90’5”; 2nd–Daryon Campbell – CW; 3rd–Kielan Mallard – McClave; 4th–Gabriel Mendez – Granada; 5th–Oscar Salgado – Wiley; 6th–Marcus Garcia – CW; 7th–Caleb Bryant – Cheraw; 8th–Tayden Smith–Eads
  • Boys High Jump: 1st–Rhett Dutton – Cheraw, 4’11”; 2nd–Barratt Maverick – Cheraw; 3rd–Kielan Mallard – McClave; 4th–Landon Zimmerman – Eads; 5th–Connor Sniff–McClave
  • Boys Triple Jump: 1st–Aydin Hough – Eads, 35’4”; 2nd–Trevin Smith – CW; 3rd–Grant Mauch – Wiley; 4th–Will Ledbetter – Cheraw; 5th–Barrett Maverick – Cheraw; 6th–Hudson Goble – McClave; 7th–Mason Grasmick – Wiley; 8th–Oliver Hemphill–McClave
  • Boys 110m Hurdles: 1st–Tuff Kelley – McClave, 16.40; 2nd–Anthony Paez – Eads; 3rd–Barrett Maverick – Cheraw; 4th–Grant Mauch – Wiley; 5th–Dillon Fazekas – Cheraw; \6th–Josiah Rider – Wiley; 7th–Daylen Swan – McClave; 8th–Cash White–Cheraw
  • Boys 100m Dash: 1st–Sebastian Pizarro – Granada, 12.37; 2nd–Ashton Burkhart – Wiley; 3rd–Will Ledbetter – Cheraw; 4th–Corbyn Williams – Wiley; 5th–Rhett Dutton – Cheraw; 6th–Brayden Herrera – Granada; 7th–Kielan Mallard – McClave; 8th–Mason Grasmick–Wiley
  • Boys 800m Relay: 1st – Eads, 1:48.35; 2nd – Granada; 3rd – CW; 4th – McClave; 5th – Wiley; 6th–Cheraw
  • Boys 1600m Run: 1st–Hudson Goble – McClave, 5:47.78; 2nd–Kooper Brossman – CW; 3rd–Josiah Stum – Plainview; 4th–Corbin Krantz – Cheraw; 5th–Porter Fulton – CW; 6th–Justin Johnson – Eads; 7th–Royce Reinhardt – Wiley; 8th–Andrew Colgin–Wiley
  • Boys 400m Relay: 1st – Granada, 52.85; 2nd – Wiley; 3rd – McClave; 4th – Eads; 5th – CW; 6th–Cheraw
  • Boys 400m Dash: 1st–Cadena Fernado – Granada, 59.55; 2nd–Trevin Smith – CW; 3rd–Daryon Campbell – CW; 4th–Gaige Rittgers – Eads; 5th–Aydn Hough – Eads; 6th–Tyron White – Cheraw; 7th–Samuel Roman – Wiley; 8th–Landon Zimmerman–Eads
  • Boys 800m Run: 1st–Anthony Paez – Eads, 2:28.51; 2nd–Kelby Smith – CW; 3rd–Drew Howe – McClave; 4th–Jared Harlow – CW; 5th–Kai Brown – Eads; 6th–Ryan Horn – McClave; 7th–Caden Muth – CW; 8th–Elijah Sandoval–Wiley
  • Boys 200m Dash: 1st–Cadena Fernando – Granada, 25.50; 2nd–Ashton Burkhart – Wiley; 3rd–Will Ledbetter – Cheraw; 4th–Tuff Kelley – McClave; 5th–Trevin Smith – CW; 6th–Daryon Campbell – CW; 7th – Barrett Maverick – Cheraw; 8th–Sebastian Pizarro–Granada
  • Boys 1600m Relay: 1st – Eads, 4:12.67; 2nd – Cheraw; 3rd – CW; 4th – McClave; 5th – Granada; 6th–Wiley

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