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(Standing l to r) Thomas Hainer, Armoni Moreno, Connor Lynch, Joel Davis, Cole Krug, Ryan Harbour, Ethan Tellez, Parker Daniel (Bottom l to r) Chloe Lubbers, Elexia Gonzales, and Hallie Mackey.

Thundering Success at the 50th Annual Rocky Ford Invitational: Lamar Cross-Country Teams Shine Despite the Heat

By Raina Lucero

September 6, 2023

On Friday, September 1, 2023, the Lamar Thunder Cross-Country boys and girls teams participated in the 50th annual Rocky Ford Invitational, despite the hot weather. The event took place at the Rocky Ford Golf Course.

Four Thunder runners represented the girls' team, competing in the 5000-k race against a total of 70 runners. Coach Savahanna Davis expressed satisfaction with their performance, saying, "Vanessa is our only returner this year and has already set a personal record on the course. We have been very happy with how the girls have performed and are hoping to continue seeing season bests."

  • Vanessa Chairez: 17th place with a time of 24:38.90
  • Hallie Mackey: 37th place with a time of 27:01.30
  • Elexia Gonzales: 53rd place with a time of 30:06.80
  • Chloe Lubbers: 57th place with a time of 32:28.80

The boys' Thunder team showed significant improvement both individually and as a team in the 5000-k competition. Coach Savahanna Davis praised their performance and unity, stating, “We have been SO IMPRESSED with how our boys have stepped up to the plate." There was a total of 95 runners in the boys race.

  • Cole Krug: 1st place with a time of 16:45.40
  • Joel Davis: 2nd place with a time of 17:05.90
  • Ryan Harbour: 22nd place with a time of 19:01.30
  • Armoni Moreno: 39th place with a time of 20:00.10
  • Connor Lynch: 52nd place with a time of 21:18.80
  • Thomas Hainer: 53rd place with a time of 21:22.00
  • Parker Daniel: 88th place with a time of 28:52.10

Coach Davis highlighted the team's improvement, mentioning, “The Rocky Ford Invitational was a positive step for our boys' team. Not only did we have multiple season bests despite the scorching heat, but we were able to beat Rocky Ford who had beaten us as a team at Cheyenne Mountain Stampede."

Looking ahead, the Lamar Thunder have been accepted to the Liberty Bell Invitational at Heritage High School in Littleton, Colorado, on September 9. Coach Davis expressed excitement about the upcoming race, saying, “The Liberty Bell Invitational is a coveted race. We are so excited to have been accepted this year. Because this is considered a 'downhill' 5k, we are hoping to see each and every member of our team run a personal best. We are also hoping to shrink our current team time gap. It is looking to be an exciting race.”

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