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Holly junior Tripp DuVall will go for his first state championship at 150 lbs. in Denver this weekend. As a freshman, DuVall placed second in a lighter weight.
Shelley Hasser

Holly Will Send Three to 2024 Colorado State Wrestling Championships

By John Contreras

February 16, 2024

The Holly Wildcats wrestling team will send three wrestlers to the 2024 Colorado State Wrestling Championship that will run Thursday, Feb. 15 thru Saturday, Feb. 16 at Ball Arena in Denver.

The trio will include junior Tripp DuVall at 150, senior Cael Nordyke at 175, and freshman Jerry Holdren at 144.

DuVall will be making his third trip to state. He placed second as a freshman and didn’t place last year.

Nordyke will make his fourth appearance at state and seeking to staep on the awards podium and end his career with a state medal.

Holdren will get his first taste of state competition at the state level. He competed in the junior state tournament last year where he placed second.

DuVall heads to state as the champion at 150 pounds in the Region 3 tournament held in La Junta last weekend.

DuVall went 4-0 in the regional.

He registered pins in his first three matches to advance to the finals.

In his first place match, No. 2 state-ranked DuVall (44-4) won by a 7-0 decision over No. 8 ranked Lane Stroh (37-11) of North Fork.

Nordyke (38-8) placed second in the regional at 175.

In the quarterfinals, he pinned Dylan Jack (0-12) of Calhan in 43 seconds.

In the semifinals, No. 6 state-ranked Nordyke won by a close 9-7 decision against No. 7 ranked Keenan Smith (26-7) of County Line.

In his match for first place, Nordyke fell by a pin in 3:37 to No. 4 ranked Cade Blunt (37-5) of Meeker).

Holdren (25-20) placed third in the regional to earn his initial trip to state.

In the quarterfinals, he won by 7-2 decision over Matthew Garduno (25-13) of Trinidad.

In the semifinals, Holdren lost by a pin in 5:19 to No. 5 state-ranked Charlie Miller (36-10) of North Fork.

In the consolation semifinals, Holdren bounced back with a 9-2 decision over Aaron Musgrave (31-17) of County Line.

In his third-place match, Holdren won by a 7-4 decision over Matthew Garduno (25-13) of Trinidad to secure his berth to state.

The state brackets for all classification were announced by CHSAA on Monday, Feb. 12.

In first round matches for the Wildcats:

Holdren will have his work cut out for him as he will face No. 1 state-ranked senior Levi Martin (6-1) of Mancos.

Martin won a state championship at 113 in 2021; placed second at 126 in 2022; and placed second at 132 in 2023.

DuVall will take on No. 14 state-ranked senior Dean McMahen (32-9) of Platte Canyon.

Nordyke will face senior Logan Silva (10-9) of Hayden.

CHSAA 2A Region 3 Tournament at OJC Gym in La Junta Friday, Feb. 9 Holly Individual Results


Lucien Gianino (7-27) placed 6th:

  • Champ. Round 1–Lucien Gianino received a bye
  • Quarterfinal–Cruz Vallejos (Rocky Ford) 31-12 won by fall over Lucien Gianino (Fall 0:37)
  • Cons. Round 2–Lucien Gianino received a bye
  • Cons. Round 3–Lucien Gianino won by fall over Dyllon LaForest (Ellicott) 1-4 (Fall 1:41)
  • Cons. Semi–Jose Garcia (Trinidad) 10-12 won by fall over Lucien Gianino (Fall 1:31)
  • 5th Place Match–Timothy Silva (Hanover) 13-16 won by major decision over Lucien Gianino (MD 14-4)


Kaden Esparza (15-25) did not place:

  • Champ. Round 1–Kaden Esparza received a bye
  • Quarterfinal–Anthony Franco (Rocky Ford) 33-8 won by tech fall over Kaden Esparza (TF17-0)
  • Cons. Round 2–Kaden Esparza won by forfeit over Gaije Sgambati (Hanover) 2-12
  • Cons. Round 3–Aj Lopez (Trinidad) 22-13 won by decision over Kaden Esparza (Dec 10-3)


Colton DeForest (13-25) did not place:

  • Champ. Round 1–Colton DeForest won by decision over Harley Rusher (Crowley County) 13-15 (Dec 14-10)
  • Quarterfinal–Jason Hemsath (Custer County) 28-12 won by fall over Colton DeForest (Fall 1:22)
  • Cons. Round 2–Colton DeForest won by fall over Tanner Kemp (Ellicott) 0-7 (Fall 2:51)
  • Cons. Round 3–Dawson Richardson (Meeker) 8-15 won by fall over Colton DeForest(Fall 2:40)


Jerry Holdren (25-20) placed 3rd:

  • Champ. Round 1–Jerry Holdren received a bye
  • Quarterfinal–Jerry Holdren won by decision over Matthew Garduno (Trinidad) 25-13 (Dec 7-2)
  • Semifinal–Charlie Miller (North Fork) 36-10 won by fall over Jerry Holdren (Fall 5:19)
  • Cons. Semi–Jerry Holdren won by decision over Aaron Musgrave (County Line) 31-17 (Dec 9-2)
  • 3rd Place Match–Jerry Holdren won by decision over Matthew Garduno (Trinidad) 25-13 (Dec 7-4)


Tripp DuVall (44-4) placed 1st:

  • Champ. Round 1–Tripp DuVall won by fall over Wyatt Cohoon (Baca County) 5-25 (Fall 1:02)
  • Quarterfinal–Tripp DuVall won by fall over Alyxx Egley (County Line) 3-18 (Fall 2:21)
  • Semifinal–Tripp DuVall won by fall over Gavin Thompson (Rocky Ford) 14-12 (Fall 0:24)
  • 1st Place Match–Tripp DuVall won by decision over Lane Stroh (North Fork) 37-11 (Dec 7-0)


Jessie Pizarro (24-19) placed 6th:

  • Champ. Round 1–Jessie Pizarro received a bye
  • Quarterfinal–Jedrek Howarth (Ellicott) 32-11 won by decision over Jessie Pizarro (Dec 4-2)
  • Cons. Round 2–Jessie Pizarro won by fall over Nathan Torres (County Line) 5-23 (Fall 2:24)
  • Cons. Round 3–Jessie Pizarro won by fall over Cason Shults (Simla) 13-11 (Fall 0:34)
  • Cons. Semi–Orion Musser (Meeker) 15-8 won by fall over Jessie Pizarro (Fall 4:59)
  • 5th Place Match–Noah Summers (Swink) 18-20 won by fall over Jessie Pizarro (Fall 1:40)


Brandon Herrera (9-15) did not place:

  • Champ. Round 1–Brandon Herrera won by fall over Remi Graves (County Line) 5-26 (Fall 3:58)
  • Quarterfinal–Jakob Carver (North Fork) 31-9 won by fall over Brandon Herrera (Fall 0:49)
  • Cons. Round 2–Brandon Herrera won by fall over Dontae Runge (Ellicott) 4-10 (Fall 2:17)
  • Cons. Round 3–Logan Johnson (Calhan) 22-12 won by tech fall over Brandon Herrera (TF 16-1)


Cael Nordyke (38-8) placed 2nd:

  • Quarterfinal–Cael Nordyke won by fall over Dylan Jack (Calhan) 0-12 (Fall 0:43)
  • Semifinal–Cael Nordyke won by decision over Keenan Smith (County Line) 26-7 (Dec 9-7)
  • 1st Place Match–Cade Blunt (Meeker) 37-5 won by fall over Cael Nordyke (Fall 3:37)


Isaac Splitter (10-25) did not place:

  • Champ. Round 1–Cayson VanDyk (Rocky Ford) 35-11 won by tech fall over Isaac Splitter (TF 17-2)
  • Cons. Round 1–Isaac Splitter received a bye
  • Cons. Round 2–Adam Shults (Simla) 17-11 won by tech fall over Isaac Splitter (TF (15-0)

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