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Kit Carson’s senior hurdler Keaton Marriott placed in both the 100 and 300 hurdle events in Lamar on Saturday.
Heidie Marriott

Highlights from the Lamar High School Invitational Track and Field Meet

By Raina Lucero

March 29, 2024

The Lamar High School Invitational Track and Field Meet held on Saturday, March 23, in Lamar, Colorado, was more than just a gathering of athletes—it was a showcase of talent, determination, and the spirit of competition. With over 30 teams converging from across the region, anticipation was high, and the stage was set for a day of thrilling athletic feats.

Blessed with ideal weather conditions, with temperatures hovering in the low 70s and just a gentle breeze to cool the athletes, the atmosphere was ripe for record-breaking performances. For many smaller schools, this meet marked their maiden voyage into the competitive arena, offering them the chance to size up their adversaries for the season ahead.

Eads track coach Stephanie Bohlander said of the first meet of the season, “The cold morning burned off into a pretty nice and sunny day, though windy. It is always exciting to get the first meet underway so we can see just where we are compared to the surrounding area and state rankings. We preach to our kids that this is just the starting point and with anything, we have to have an honest starting point so all our efforts from here on out go towards beating that starting point.”

Nadaya Buttry is one of the talented sprinters on Kit Carson's girls relay teams that made some noise at the Lamar Invitational on Saturday, March 23. Heidie Marriott

As a state-qualifying meet, the competition was fierce across all events, with numerous athletes eyeing a coveted spot at the State Championships later on in May. On the girls’ side, the trio of Limon, Simla, and Cheraw teams asserted their dominance, claiming the top three spots with impressive displays of skill and athleticism. However, it wasn’t just the podium finishers who left their mark—other area schools, including McClave, Eads, Cheyenne Wells, Walsh, and Lamar, showcased their talent and determination with strong showings in the top 12.

Bohlander summarized the Eads girls’ performances beginning with her four talented throwers by saying, “We have 16 strong this season–four strong girls manning the throwing ring. They all hit some great beginning season shot put marks with Tailee (Weeks-Johnson) winning. She’s two feet further at the start of this season than at the start of last year, so that’s huge. All four girls not only placed but hit some big throws to put them in the initial 1A rankings in the first week. The discus didn’t fly as well for us but will only get better. Tailee threw well here too as last year she didn’t make finals, but this year she was in contention.”

Bohlander was also quick to add that Eads has junior Landri Tuttle who will be a great competitor in several events on the track, “Landri Tuttle is a breath of fresh air and a hard-working athlete. She can run multiple events and distances but began the season with some sprinting that will later help her finish in the mid distance races. In Lamar she already placed in the grueling quarter with a more than decent time just over 1:02.”

Eads has the right athletes to field three sprint relays this year as these five sprinters will be able to compete with the best of them. They include l to r: Anthony Paez, Porter Spady, Brentley Lening, Keenan Smith, and Stockton Mitchek. Holly Mitchek

But it wasn’t just the girls who stole the spotlight. On the boys’ side, Limon, Lamar, and South Baca emerged as the top scorers, demonstrating their prowess on the track and in the field. Among the standout performances was Lamar High School senior Brocc Brodecky, whose monumental throw shattered the school discus record, earning him well-deserved acclaim and admiration.

According to Bohlander the Eads boys are going to be fun to watch this season starting with junior Stockton Mitchek in the jumps, “Stockton hit a big series of Long Jumps that were all over 19’ 10 and his furthest jump was 20’ 2, winning the event. He hit each mark on the board perfectly, which was something we struggled with last year. That was a big win in the event over a few talented jumpers and we’re thrilled he’s jumping really well to start this season. It is exciting to see his passion for the event.”

Mitchek joins up with four other speedsters who will comprise the full relay teams for Eads—a luxury the Eagles haven’t had in many years. Along with Mitchek, Porter Spady, Keenan Smith, Brentley Lening, and Anthony Paez will work within the 4x100, 4x200, and 4x400 relays.

Eads sophomore Tailee Weeks-Johnson had a break out performance in the shot put at the competitive Lamar Invitational Track & Field Event on Saturday, March 23, where she placed 1st in throws that are 2 feet further than where she started as a freshman. Heidie Marriott

“Their excitement for making running look easy and even pretty was contagious at the track where they came in 2nd and 3rd in the 4x200 and 4x100 relays. It was the first time in a REAL race they experienced handoffs together, exchange zones, and running against talented teams that were a bit more seasoned than our guys. But we put on a show. Their smiles were big as the machine posted great times with a lot of room for improvement. Paez didn’t compete this week due to some tightness in his hamstring, but once the freshman gets on the track, he adds a whole new dimension to our team of talented boys.”

The Eads boys are also blessed with three middle distance runners who combined will team up with Paez in the 4x800 relay. They are Jaden Self, Colin Nelson, and Connor Lynch. According to Bohlander, “Connor ran his best mile time ever surprising himself but not us as we knew his off-season efforts would pay off. Jaden and Colin ran tough 800s also. These three, along with Paez will run a 4x800 relay race in the near future, so preparing for that right now is our goal.”

Looking ahead, the excitement only continues to build as area schools gear up for the Kiowa Klassic Invitational in Elbert, Colorado, on March 30. With dozens of schools from across the state set to compete, the stage is set for another thrilling display of athleticism and sportsmanship.

As the season unfolds, we extend our best wishes to all the dedicated athletes, coaches, and supporters—may your hard work and determination propel you to new heights of success. Here’s to a season filled with unforgettable moments and incredible achievements. Go, Tracksteers, go!

Girls Individual Results

  • 100 – 1. Roxy Unruh, Cheyenne Wells, 12:86; 2. My Lee, Burlington, 13.87; 3. Carley Bringnghurst, Miami-Yoder, 14.08; 4. Lindsey Mayhan, Kit Carson, 14.11; 8. Khloe Fernandez, Lamar, 14.34.
  • 200 – 1. Roxy Unruh, Cheyenne Wells, 27.91; 2. My Lee, Burlington, 29.98; 3. Kylie Brickell, Simla, 30.04. 8. Addison Vallejos, McClave, 30.99.
  • 400–1. My Lee, Burlington, 1:07.61; 2. Mireya Gomez, Lamar, 1:08.28; 3. Jasmine Ross, Trinidad, 1:09.64; 6. Landri Tuttle, Eads, 1:12.79; 7. Brilyn Miell, Cheraw, 1:16.61.
  • 800–1. Delaney Bond, Cheraw, 2:37.88; 2. Crislyn Miell, Cheraw, 2:46.33; 3. Adi Meill, Cheraw, 2:46.46; 4. Karlee Kravig, Wiley, 2:55.08; 7. Kallie Ball, Cheyenne Wells, 3:06.72; 8. Elexia Gonzales, Lamar, 3:09.58.
  • 1,600 – 1. Sydney Richardson, Limon, 6:22.56; 2. Elyvia Hopper, Canon City, 6:27.95; 3. Emma Book, Miami-Yoder, 6:37.35; 4. Elexia Gonzales, Lamar, 6:59.58; 8. Autumn Sena, McClave, 7:48.69.
  • 3,200 – 1. Sydney Richardson, Limon, 12:52.29; 2. Ryleigh Tunink, Simla, 14:17.82; 3. Charlotte Goodnow, Burlington, 15:05.95.
  • 100 hurdles–1. Ashlynn Steinbrunn, McClave, 17.66; 2. Zaida Harms, Simla, 18.79; 3. Emma Coonts, Limon, 19.57.
  • 300 hurdles – 1. Ashlynn Steinbrunn, McClave, 50.53; 2. Kylie Brickell, Simla, 54.15; 3. Jessa Book, Miami-Yoder, 56.78.
  • 400 relay – 1. Limon, 53.97; 2. Miami-Yoder, 57.18; 3. Kit Carson, 57.53; 7. Wiley, 58.33.
  • 800 relay – 1. Limon, 1:57.85; 2. McClave, 2:02.62; 3. Kit Carson, 2:05.39.
  • 800 medley relay – 1. Limon, 2:01.63; 2. Cheraw, 2:03.64; 3. Lamar, 2:07.47.
  • 1,600 relay–1. Cheraw, 4:44.06; 2. Limon, 4:42.54; 3. Trinidad, 4:538.81.
  • 3,200 relay–1. Miami-Yoder, 12:01.91; 2. Simla, 14:22.21; 3. Rocky Ford, 14:38.39.
  • High jump – 1. Destiny Cornelius, Plainview, 4-04; 2. River Loader, Walsh, 4:04; 2. Jamie Strobel, Bethune, 4:04; 4. Kazlei Vaughn, Genoa-Hugo, 4-02; 4. Giana Gibbs, Eads, 4:02.
  • Long jump – 1. Amy Pinon, Genoa-Hugo, 15-01; 2. Savannah Worley, Cheyenne Wells, 14-10; 3. Sydnie Berry, Flagler, 14-10.
  • Triple jump–1. Addison Vallejos, McClave, 32-02; 2. McKenna Notter, Stratton, 31-01.5; 3. Samara Humphrey, Limon, 30-10.
  • Discus – 1. Johanna Brown, Wiley, 99-01; 2. Katelyn Tacha, Limon, 93-08; 3. Tailee Weeks-Johnson, Eads, 92-06; 5. Kieran Harris, Cheraw, 84’ 9.00; 6. Kennedy Gyurman, Eads, 84’ 2.00”
  • Shot put – 1. Tailee Weeks-Johnson, Eads, 36-09.50; 2. Johanna Brown, Wiley, 35-11.50; 3. Kieran Harris, Cheraw, 31-01.50; 5. Anna Wollert, Eads, 31’ 1.00”; 6. Kennedy Gyurman, Eads, 30’ 3.50”; 8. Madison McDowell, Eads, 29’ 9.75”.

Boys Individual Results

  • 100–1. Lohgan Bottjer, Limon, 11.48; 2. Christopher Garcia, John Mall, 11.57; 3. Gavin Tempel, McClave, 11.81.
  • 200 – 1. Christopher Garcia, John Mall, 23.53; 2. Gavin Reddick, Canon City, 24.30; 3. Lohgan Bottjer, Limon, 24.31; 4. Perry Chadwick, Cheyenne Wells, 24.34.
  • 400–1. Perry Chadwick, Cheyenne Wells, 52.66; 2. Mikel Bennett, Genoa-Hugo, 54.70; 3. Brock Doherty, Kim, 55.31.
  • 800 – 1. Cole Krug, Lamar, 2:13.52; 2. Parker Arbuthnot, Springfield, 2:17.09; 3. Thomas Pete, Granada, 2:18.95.
  • 1,600 – 1. Josh Snyder, Cheraw, 4:53.70; 2. Mylo Lovejoy, South Baca, 4:57.44; 3. Parker Arbuthnot, Springfield, 4:58.88; 4. Joel Davis, Lamar, 5:00.33; 5. Cole Krug, Lamar, 5:04.91; 6. Thomas Pete, Granada, 5:10.36; 7. Brennan Framel, Kit Carson, 5:16.82; 8. Connor Lynch, Eads, 5:20.31.
  • 3,200 – 1. Joel Davis, Lamar, 10:13.15; 2. Mason Lenard, Canon City, 11:37.18; 3. Triston Esquival, Burlington, 11:43.73.
  • 110 hurdles–1. Dallas Calzonetti, South Baca, 16.31; 2. Alex Marchand, Rocky Ford, 16.32; 3. Trey Scheler, Cheyenne Wells, 17.90; 4. Keaton Marriott, Kit Carson, 19.02; 7. Erik Gonzales, Wiley, 19.74.
  • 300 hurdles – 1. Alex Marchand, Rocky Ford, 44.26; 2. Trey Scheler, Cheyenne Wells, 45.90; 3. Dallas Calzonetti, South Baca, 46.58; 7. Keaton Marriott, Kit Carson, 49.50.
  • 400 relay–1. Limon, 47.52; 2. Simla, 47.58; 3. Eads, 49.28; 5. Kit Carson, 49.67.
  • 800 relay–1. Canon City, 1:38.20; 2. Limon, 1:38.97; 3. Eads, 1:41.90; 4. Cheraw, 1:42.48; 6. Kit Carson, 1:43.93; 8. McClave, 1:43.97.
  • 1,600 relay – 1. Limon, 3;51.44; 2. Lamar, 3:54.67; 3. Rocky Ford, 3:59.94. 5. Cheraw, 4:07.80.
  • 3,200 relay – 1. Limon, 9:15.33; 2. Lamar, 9:18.62; 3. Rocky Ford, 9;37.94.
  • High jump–1. Wyatt Turner, Canon City, 6-02; 2. Dallas Calonetti, South Baca, 6-00; 3. Rustin Williams, Stratton, 5-08; 7. Josiah Irwin, Kit Carson, 5’ 2.00”.
  • Long jump – 1. Stockton Mitchek, Eads, 20-02; 2. Konner Rowden-Stum, Genoa-Hugo, 19-10; 3. Ethan Barwick, South Baca, 19-01.
  • Triple jump – 1. Konner Rowden-Stum, Genoa-Hugo, 43-07; 2. Trey Scheler, Cheyenne Wells, 38-11; 3. Cason Pollart, Lamar, 37-00; 4. Grant Mauch, Wiley, 36-02.50.
  • Discus – 1. Brocc Brodecky, Lamar, 154-02 (New Lamar school record); 2. Treyton Marx, Limon, 128-07; 3. Riley Shean, Stratton, 121-08.
  • Shot put – 1. Brocc Brodecky, Lamar, 47-09; 2. Felipe Mungaray, McClave, 41-10; 3. Jett Konkel, Springfield, 39-07; 6. Kielan Mallard, McClave, 38’ 0.00”

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